Z Assist and other changes coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ in Season 3

Feb 09 2020 2 min read
Bandai Namco

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During the Dragon Ball Fighter Z World Tour Finals, Bandai Namco Entertainment game producer, Tomoko Hiroki, made a few announcements about changes coming to the game in Season 3. 

The biggest news that got fans excited is the introduction of multiple Z Assists to the game. Each fighter will receive three different assists from which players can choose one before going into a match. This change will bring more strategy to the game, allowing players to select assists that fit their playstyle and game plan on the fly. This decision should help improve the game's meta as well since some assists in the game are considered rather useless.

"We wanted to avoid a situation where users had to choose a specific character just for their Z Assist, or just for their character size and allow users to express and show more of their individuality with the characters they choose and the way they fight." 

Hiroki also stated that the game will feature more frequent patches and will focus on making adjustments that prevent games from becoming one-sided slugfests. Another statement she made was a bit cryptic but had exciting possibilities. "That, as well as adjustments that give users a chance to turn the tables, even if they only have one character left. We will be implementing a specific feature for this, so we hope players will give it a try." 

Her statement gives the impression that something like Tekken 7's Rage Art, which activates after player health drops to around 20%, will be employed. In the case of Dragon Ball FighterZ, it could use the same low health scenario or the number of characters left on your team. These scenarios are all speculation, though, as the producer did not go in-depth into the new mechanic.  

New changes will also be coming to the game's UI, a little of which they showcased in the presentation video. Bandai Namco is considering the addition of a big mid-season patch this year, unlike last season, which did not receive any significant gameplay changes during the circuit. This change is still an idea the developers are playing around with, so it's far from a done deal. 

There's a big announcement scheduled for the tail end of today's event, so there's still more surprises on the way. However, with the news already shared, its exciting to imagine what more the developer has in store for fans. The most likely announcement would be the unveiling of the Season 3 DLC roster, but that doesn't mean we can't hope for more.  


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