You can’t run Discord games when offline

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You can’t run Discord games when offline

Discord DRM is optional for developers, improvements are promised.

Discord recently rolled out its own game store with a handful of exclusives and high-quality titles. Christopher Livingston from PC Gamer recently ran into an unpleasant flaw of the store, caused by its DRM (Digital Rights Managment) feature.

Turns out, you can run the games only if you’re currently connected to the Internet and logged on to Discord. It doesn’t matter if the game has multiplayer functions, or whether a player needs to authorize in it.

If you try to run the game through the executable file from the game folder, it starts Discord app at first. And, as you probably know, when the Internet is off Discord just displays a connection attempt screen and doesn’t give access to anything.

Christopher did some research on the matter and asked developers, if they had anything to say about the Discord DRM function. Turns out, it’s totally up to devs to decide whether they want to use the copyright protection function. Just so that you know, Steam doesn’t grant developers that freedom.

A Discord representative assured Christopher Livingston that they are aware of the issue and working on it. The journalist was told that “players will be able to access their games even offline."

Let’s give Discord store some time. PC game store market will greatly benefit from getting more competitors.

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