YapzOr’s joke about the France national football team went south

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Team Secret support faced community outrage after a racist joke on Twitter

Team Secret support faced community outrage after a racist joke on Twitter

France winning the World Cup 2018 impacted many people, for sure. Team Secret’s support player, Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat, went to Twitter and made a racist statement towards “three-colored” trying to joke about the number of black players in the team.

Player immediately faced the backlash of community who called him racist, so he had to delete the tweet and apologize in a TwitLonger post:

I want to apologise to my fans and to the community for my tweet earlier today. After watching the World Cup I made a dumb joke, which I quickly realised was in poor taste, and completely inappropriate. While there was no malicious intent, I didn’t realise the enormity of my words, and for the offence that I caused I’m really really sorry – they do not reflect my personal values or the respect that I have for my fellow man. Whether in game, through social media, or in person, there is no place for this. There is nothing for me to say except that I will work to be better – my friends, my fans, and the community deserve much better. Sorry again.

As a reminder, in case you don’t like or watch soccer, yesterday (July 15) France national team won the World Cup 2018 after winning over Croatia with the 4:2 score and getting the trophy.

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