Xiao8 will Teach the «Youths»

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Chinese pro-gamer Zhang 'xiao8' Ning opens his own gaming academy

Xiao8 will Teach the «Youths»

Chinese pro-gamer Zhang 'xiao8' Ning opens his own gaming academy.

As we reported earlier, the captain of DotA 2 Newbee team Zhang 'xiao8' Ning announced about his leaving of the world pro-gaming arena. It was expected that the famous Chinese player will actively begin to spend his million dollars earned at the last The International.


As it has appeared, xiao8 really starts to spend money, but the main part of his finances again will get into the “e-sports field”. The thing is that Zhang Ning is going to spend about $ 800,000 for creation and development of his own Academy on DotA 2. Within this project the Chinese pro-gamer will select the talented young people and form his own team for participation in the world-class tournaments. He will be a kind of a player-coach in this team. Well, a new champion team may be born under such a leadership.

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