Xian shares his Street Fighter V: Champion Edition tier list

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The one without Gill and Seth

Team Razer fighting game player, Kun Xian Ho released his tier list for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition just before the official launch of CE on One Esports. His list is ranked inconsistently from S to D but gives some good insight into his impression of the roster. 

Xian’s tiers are S+, S-, A+, A-, and B, depicting an overall strong roster of characters this season. However, in his opinion, no character currently deserves to be ranked S+ because every one of them has at least one bad match up. Chun-Li manages to make S- because he’s heard a lot from other players around him that she’s that good, but he’s yet to see it for himself. She joins Urien, M. Bison, Rashid, and Kolin, which is consistent with most other tier lists. 

No Gill or Seth

A+ consists of characters that either dropped from being top tier in the last season or received strong buffs this season. Thanks to her V-Skill 2, the Ibuki main placed his character in this tier alongside Laura, Abigail, G, and more. Xian placed characters he considers good secondaries in A-, while B-tier represents the weakest characters currently in the game. In his opinion, most of them have been this weak since they joined the game’s roster. 

With Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s official release, Capcom introduced a couple of changes in update 5.012 that could lead to Xian updating his tier list. He’ll also need to include Gill and Seth after he’s gotten a clear picture of where they stand in the meta.  

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