WoW will be around to celebrate its 20th anniversary

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WoW will be around to celebrate its 20th anniversary, according to lead designer Ion Hazzikostas.


“I definitely can’t tell you what our 20th anniversary is going to be. I can tell you there is definitely going to be one,” Hazzikostas told CNET.

“I have no doubt saying that.”

Hazzikostas said Blizzard is always planning its next expansion, “and what the one after that is going to be, just in terms of big picture storylines, how can we start setting things up now, where do we want the game to go”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hazzikostas agreed that Blizzard isn’t looking to move onto a sequel to World of Warcraft, given that the MMORPG keeps evolving.

“It’s clearly not the same game it was 10 years ago, right?” he said.

“The engine is different, all the graphical assets are different, a lot of core combat mechanics have changed.

“It’s hard to pinpoint one turning point when it changed, but we definitely have taken an incremental approach to the pressing problems the game has that we feel we need to solve and what we can add to it that will make it better and deliver the most value to our players. That’s what we do each step of the way.”

World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, releases on November 13. Subscriptions rose last quarter in anticipation of the new content.

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