Would you also like KuroKy to switch to Artifact?

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Would you also like KuroKy to switch to Artifact?

In an alternative timeline, 3-5 years from now were Kuro is an Artifact player and we are very happy about it.

I know this thought is infuriating for the majority of Dota 2 fans, but it could create a tremendous storyline and be beneficial for both Valve games. If you don’t know, KuroKy played in Artifact Preview Tournament last weekend and took 3-4th place. The player went through a rough Swiss bracket and couldn’t do it in a stroke of luck.

Let’s imagine that we are 3-5 years from now in an alternative reality where KuroKy announced that he completely switched to Artifact from Dota 2. In this timeline, he would face hard challenges because many talented and experienced players from other CCGs would inevitably be winning most of the tournaments in the initial years after the game’s release.

Former fans and friends would be asking Kuro why he made this weird transition from being a TI winner to an up and coming player. In some ways, his life would be much better though because a 1-vs-1 competitive game doesn’t force you to cope with teammates and therefore is simpler. He would also pick up many new friends along the way and wouldn't need to worry about the financial side of life because there would always be an organization to support KuroKy in any game.

Eventually in a couple of years through work discipline Kuro would reach the top in Artifact and win a world championship. All those fans from Dota 2 scene would be lit with joy as the guy they used to root for would've just made an amazing thing: become one of the top players in 2 of the most complex and competitive video games.

From this point of view, it seems like the transition from one game to the other would be a good thing for both the fans and the player. It wouldn’t be pleasant for the first year though.

It’s just hypothetical stuff and Kuro won’t be switching to Artifact any time soon. Here is his tweet clarifying KuroKy’s plans:

Would you like for a high-profile Dota 2 player to switch to Artifact? Let us know in the comments.

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