Would G From Street Fighter Have Won The Election?

Nov 11 2020 5 min read
Credit: streetfighter.com

If the self-proclaimed 'President of the World' had run for the White House, could he have won?

For the last couple of months, the US elections dominated most conversations. This is pretty normal as the United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world. However, this past election was particularly important due to the candidates involved. Many people freely disclosed that they considered the November 2020 elections as the most important of their lifetime.

Most people wake up today pleased with the outcome of the elections and looking forward to a post-Trump America. But, the reality is that most people aren't exactly huge fans of the man who is likely to replace him. Therefore, the celebration witnessed all over social media (and in some cases, homes, and streets) is more for Trump's loss than Biden's victory.

This train of thought got me thinking, who would people have loved as a president? Now, I'm sure you have a lot of answers as you read this, but since we're on the topic of discussing fighting games, what do you reckon would have been the reception to a candidate like G from Street Fighter?

The mysterious, self-proclaimed 'President of the World' is an accomplished fighter and a fascinating character. He is portrayed as a benevolent leader who is accepting of all the people in the world and this, among other traits, makes him an interesting Presidential candidate. But first, who is G?

G in battle

G: an education

G is a character newly introduced to Street Fighter. His first appearance was in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. This means he doesn't have as heavy a backstory as many of the other characters in the game. Also, this means he doesn't have much in terms of character relationships seeing as he doesn't have much of a history with many of the game's other characters.

We have no idea where G came from, but there are theories that he is a physical manifestation of the earth. There is some evidence to support this, which is seen through his powers that are gotten from the earth. What we do know is that he appeared and started spreading his message of world unification to anyone willing to listen. He also indicated an interest in ruling the world as its president. His claims were that he would treat everyone fairly and would be a great leader. While his reach was initially limited, this changed when Rashid became interested in G's message and became an ally. He helped spread G's message beyond the realms of social media, and his campaign started getting some traction. He was impeded by Menat, who was on a mission from Rose to test G and discover the origins of this mysterious individual. He defeats Menat and continues on his mission to educate the globe.

Menat is not G's only assailant as Gill, another potential ruler of the world, comes to announce himself on one of G's livestreams. There, he defeats G but is left puzzled as to the personality of the man and why his power felt so familiar. G, despite the defeat, is still completely focused on uniting the world under his rulership.

If his ending story is anything to go by, he seems to be on course to get his wish as he is soon capable of counting Dan Hibiki, Elena, and Hakan as followers.

G alternate costume

Why G would make an excellent President

With all of that said, do you think Americans would cast their vote for G? Well, possibly. Here's the thing, G has been portrayed as a benevolent leader who is open to taking in anyone. This is excellent news for minorities who have for too long been neglected and disadvantaged. Even villains are welcomed and accepted by G, and for this reason, the likes of Bison, Akuma, and Necali as seen more as wayward children than enemies. Benevolence is an important trait for any leader, and in a world, as divided as ours, we are all in need of a little benevolence and acceptance.

But, what is also quite clear is that G is incredibly strong. Not only that, but apparently, he is quite adept at all forms of martial arts in existence. So, G can clearly hold his own in a fight and will likely not be fazed by the opposition. Strength is another important trait for any leader to have, especially one that claims to control the world. You can best believe that G would not be scared of any other world leader and would stand strong in the interests he believes in.

On top of that, G has the presence of a world leader. His design is incredibly impressive, and his resemblance to Abraham Lincoln is quite evident. Lincoln is widely regarded as one of the greatest Presidents the United States have ever had, and with the skills and carriage of G, he could very well fulfill the same role.

There are other points I could think of, but let's leave it here for now in terms of his credentials.

G the cool kid

What could make him fail?

If there is any problem that G will encounter in his race to the White House, it will be his lack of experience. As mentioned before, G has no prior record that we know of, which could be a problem for someone who wants to hold the highest office in the country. Usually, Presidents and leaders are people who have served in other capacities within government and have a track record of sorts. This isn't the same with G as he seemed to have come out of nowhere. Therefore, he has no precedent, and there isn't much people can point to as his achievements. No one becomes an American President from nowhere (yes, it seems Trump did just that), and the lack of knowledge about what G is capable of from a public service standpoint could hurt his chances.

G is a gracious leader who seems well-equipped to take on a divided world such as ours. His sense of decorum and the absence of pride from his demeanor make him a more favorable leader than a character like Gill. If I could vote, I'd go for G, would you?


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