World of Warplanes is updated to version 1.5

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Appearance of PvE-mode can be considered as the main novelty of the latest updating


World of Warplanes is updated to version 1.5

Appearance of PvE-mode can be considered as the main novelty of the latest updating. has released a new patch for its MMO-action World of Warplanes, which brings a number of significant changes and additions to the game. In the estimation of the developers the most important novelty is the new PvE-format of collective battles, when several real players fight with a team of bots. This mode is designed primarily for pilots-beginners, although experienced gamers will certainly be able to find a use for it also (for example, to test new equipment and weapons in relaxed, so to say, conditions).

As for the rest of changes and innovations, the list is quite impressive. Firstly, the system of destroying the ground targets in the main type of battle ("Standard battle") was redesigned. From now all the ground targets do not compose a single entity, but consist of several parts, which can be armored or unarmored. Accordingly, gamer may need different types of weapons, as well as the teamwork of attack aircrafts and fighters to destroy the different parts of the same object. Consequently, the points of advantage will be calculated in another way.

Besides this, the developers of World of Warplanes announce the significant graphical improvements of combat interface, hangar and menu, as well as the improvements of control system. As for the new game content, here we can mention the addition of a new map “Canyon” and total reprocessing of “National Park” map. The game was also supplemented with the two Chinese premium planes available for purchase in the shop of World of Warplanes. They are: Breda Ba.27 Metallico (fighter of level III) and Nakajima Ki-43-Ic (fighter of level IV).

The full list of changes of 1.5.0 version you can find on the official website of the game.


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