World of Warcraft’s game time token’s auction house value already plummets nearly 25 percent

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If you already bought a WoW Token with gold, you probably should have waited.

World of Warcraft


If you already bought a WoW Token with gold, you probably should have waited.


Blizzard introduced the new item yesterday to its popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Wacraft. This gives a player 30 days of play time. You can buy it with real money for $20, but you can also place the token in WoW’s auction house instead of using it yourself. Initially, Blizzard set the in-game price at 30,000 gold, but it said that the price would change depending on the market. After just one day, the WoW Token has dropped to 22,631 gold, down 24.6 percent.


Obviously, supply is overtaking demand. It’s likely that players rushed to buy WoW Tokens with cash and put them on the auction house with the hope of making some gold. That likely flooded the market.


Still, 22,631 gold isn’t a small chunk of virtual change. Only regular players with max-level character will likely have that much on them. However, if the price hovers around there (or goes lower), many high-end players will give up their $15 a month subscription and spend some gold on WoW Tokens.


Of course, the price could also go up once the initial wave of curious experimenters have their fun with buying WoW Tokens.



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