World of Tanks streams for the next week

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World of Tanks streams for the next week (21.10 - 27.10)

World of Tanks streams for the next week

As always we prepared a new portion of WePlay.TV streams for all the fans of World of Tanks. Our constant WoT streamers, hosts and commentators: Ruslan "Kazes", Viktoria "BukTopu9I_IIpaBga", Elen "Infantika", Zakhar "__Mstitel__16", Aleksei  "narushevbuzuluk", Dmitriy "DeeMoooN2", Iuriy "Legendary2011", Ilia "Parcur06", Ilia "kebba_stream", Anatoliy "tolik966", Artem "PanterADime", Iekaterina "mozol6ka", Bogdan "BodyaCoD", Maksim "FaceFox", Andrei "Mexanik72", Igor "totosic", Roman "biomechanical_zombie", Andrei "tanchik86" and Gosha "Gogidze" will wake you up and put you in the way of things for the current day. They will provide you with a huge number of jokes, banters and good mood.


We are glad to present you the streams schedule for the upcoming week:

Attention! Information concerning streams beginning is specified in accordance with Moscow time.


October 21 (Monday)

00:00 (Moscow time) – Pilot random "Averon".

09:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iuriy "Legendary2011".

12:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Roman "biomechanical_zombie".

16:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Aleksei "narushevbuzuluk".

18:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iekaterina "mozol6ka".

21:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Andrei "Mexanik72".


October 25 (Friday)

 00:00 (Moscow time) - Random with Michael "Mblshko".

 09:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iuriy "Legendary2011".

 12:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Roman "biomechanical_zombie".

 16:00 (Moscow time) – Pilot random "Averon".

 17:00 (Moscow time) – WePlay.TV digest at "Priamoi navodkoi" radio.

 18:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Ilia "Rj_StatusQwo".

 20:00 (Moscow time) – CW fan stream.



October 22 (Tuesday)

00:00 (Moscow time) – Tank company "Vive la France".

09:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iuriy "Legendary2011"

12:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Andrei "Mexanik72".

16:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Aleksei "narushevbuzuluk".

19:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Nikita  "Hornet_64".

20:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Michael  "Mblshko".

21:00 (Moscow time) – Fan stream "Greed".


October 26  (Saturday)

 00:00 (Moscow time) – Tank company  "Vive la France".

 02:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Nikita "Hornet_64".

 09:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Aleksei "narushevbuzuluk".

 11:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Ilia "kebba_stream".

 13:00 (Moscow time) – CW fan stream .

 16:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Nikita  "Hornet_64".

 17:00 (Moscow time) – Stream show "Odd man out".

 19:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Nikita  "Hornet_64".

 20:00 (Moscow time) – stream show "Big hunt".

 23:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Nikita "Hornet_64".


October 23 (Wednesday)

00:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Michael  "Mblshko".

09:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iuriy "Legendary2011".

12:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Ilia "kebba_stream".

16:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Andrei "Mexanik72".

17:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iekaterina "mozol6ka"

20:00 (Moscow time) – WoWP fan stream .

October 27 (Sunday)

08:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Bogdan "BodyaCoD".

10:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Aleksei "narushevbuzuluk".

13:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iekaterina "mozol6ka".

16:00 (Moscow time) – stream show  "Die Hard".

18:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Ilia "Rj_StatusQwo".

20:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Andrei "Mexanik72".


October 24 (Thursday)

00:00 (Moscow time) – Tank company "Vive la France".

09:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Iuriy Legendary2011".

12:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Andrei "Mexanik72".

15:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Ruslan "Kazes".

17:00 (Moscow time) – Random with Aleksei "narushevbuzuluk".

20:00 (Moscow time) – WoWP tournament stream .



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