Winning Diretide: A Short But Useful Guide

Oct 30 2020 3 min read

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Believe it or not, yes, Diretide has finally arrived! Thanks a lot, Valve!

Even despite a bunch of bugs, imbalances, network problems, and disappearing items, this year, we got our second super-cool event (you can't disagree that Aghanim's Labyrinth was awesome). The community is delighted, everyone is happy with the chest, and the fact that Valve decided to return the market economy to the game by adding keys (good old times are back), there is already a petition on Reddit to add cartoon visuals to the main part of the game, and so on.

Nevertheless, we received a rather bright, soul, and inventory pleasing event. It's also very funny. But still, you want to win, not just play, right? Let's figure out which paths you should take to make it easier to win Diretide.


Now Dota 2 Coordinator is very sick due to the load. Obviously, Valve was just a bit late and is already making hotfixes, but there are hundreds of complaints on the Internet about bugs with chests. Wait until everything gets better and then get your things (try your luck).

Second, BAN QoP, Weaver, and Undying.

They are just buggy. QoP has a Linken's Sphere bug as well as her skills are too, Weaver becomes literally unplayable, and the Zombie just can't die... Yep, not a joke.

Third, BAN or PICK Clinkz

Here you should pick wisely either to be cheezy as hell or prevent your loss. The bone archer's Ultimate can make his HP up to 10+k and 1k damage in the third round. Do you need this?

Now, about the game itself.


This is Diretide! What could be cooler? It's all about fun and catching-up. It's a friendly unrated competition for half an hour each (exactly 32:26). Diretide is cool!

Be tricky 

Take Windrunner, for example. Her ultimate can be directed to the candy basket. Do you understand? Shoot and run around, grab candies and try to get out.

Or the combination of Shadow Shaman and Blink Dagger. Carefully go through the woods to the enemy basket, wait for your team to pull the opponent back, jump to the candies, place your Ultimate, tie the creep and turn it into a chicken, collect the candies you got and run into the fog!

Also, Spirit Breaker and Lifestealer combine greatly with smoke, for example.


In general, players often leave the base without cover. Someone should always remain on guard or at least close so that the impudent rivals could not do anything quietly. Don't forget about the smokes! By the way, it works both ways.

And a couple of tips from Reddit:

Mirana Diretide
Sven Diretide
Best Heroes for Diretide

After all, take a look at what we have here.

  • A great and fun event pleasing both new and old players
  • The ability to get awesome and exclusive sets 
  • Valve is trying to re-establish Dota 2 market economics

We can't complain about Valve this year even though there was no TI. They did a great job during the COVID-19 pandemic: even though they got $120m, they managed to make a huge Battle Pass, Diretide, updated Dota Plus, and they're releasing a new hero pretty shortly.

Gabe Newell, the new course you set lately is amazing!


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