Winners of BLAST Premier 2022: Spring Final

Jun 23 2022 3 min read

BLAST Premier 2022: Spring Final and road to World Final

First of all, we would like to give a shout-out to our Ukrainian stream that hit a new record during this tournament! We celebrate 33000 extremely supportive viewers who chose authentic native content. We hope they liked different presents and subscriptions to the channel they got.

The level of this cybersport event was phenomenal! Everything (from James Banks’ jacket to matches and general organization of the tournament) was a delight and gave us the opportunity to enjoy a quality show, arena, fans, and games. Let's recollect how it was.

Show Match

Tuscan map match went just how we like it: Knife Round, Batman and his Robins.


After a Knife Round win, karrigan decided to motivate his team to go even further. Different people from different teams, but with the same passion – CS:GO. What are the odds to see something like this elsewhere? For the most unforgettable moments, check out our Telegram.

Tuscan BLAST

Such atmosphere just makes you want to take it all in and do not miss a second!

But how else could a showmatch go? Players are having fun and creating memorable moments for the audience. Take a look at their moves and creative decisions. Watching events online and offline are two contrasting experiences.

tuscan awp noscope

Get the creative juices flowing!

Natus Vincere vs Team Vitality

During the whole tournament, these two teams had proven to be worthy of BLAST Premier 2022: Spring Final:

  • Mirage — 16:8 (NaVi W);
  • Overpass — 16:5 (NaVi W).

NaVi picked Mirage. They lost the pistol round and spiced up the beginning. Afterwards, Natus Vincere team completely neutralized Vitality’s defense and scored 9 wins in a row. NaVi proved that they are indeed “born to win” and there’s no certain way to counter S1mple.

perfecto usp mirage

One shot, One kill? More like “Last load, Four kills” from Perfecto.

Vitality picked Overpass. They managed to win the pistol round and 3 more rounds later. They seemed to have it all under control, but NaVi had a blast that day, so they were dominating on the map and easily reading their opponents for 13 rounds in a row. I can’t say that Vitality lacked the strength, on the contrary, the team certainly deserved to participate in this Spring Final for its good strategy and quality moves. But NaVi was ready for a good fight and proved to have better positioning, individual plays, aces, etc.

navi blast spring final

Congratulations to NaVi for a well-deserved win! Viktor «sdy» holds up the trophy,

b1t becomes MVP on Overpass map, while S1mple breaks another record and becomes MVP for the 20th time in his professional career.

That was BLAST Premier 2022: Spring Final! NaVi gets the chance to participate in World Final, and we are grateful to everyone who joined, watched and discussed our stream. To help us to make Ukrainian content more popular, follow our cybersport news and never miss new events!


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We expect BLAST Premier 2022: SPRING FINAL in Lisbon
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