Why I can't get the right hero in Dota Underlords: how the pool works

Jul 08 2019 4 min read

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In this guide, we will try to answer the questions asked by many Dota Underlords players.

  • How the pool of heroes in the store forms?
  • What is the chance of getting a specified hero? 
  • Why I don't get rare and expensive heroes at the early game?
  • When the shop will provide me with rare heroes?
  • Do purchases of other players influence me?

The chances of getting a certain hero from the first time depend on the following factors:

  • Hero's price tag (and his rarity)
  • Player's level
  • Other players' purchases

Everything is quite obvious with the first bullet point, the definition of rarity itself says that we will see the usual heroes constantly, sometimes the rare ones, and almost never — the epics. As the player's level increases, the chances of seeing such pieces (with green, blue and purple glow) increase.

And finally, the third point. Yes, you've read it right. Eight players have a common list of heroes for the whole match. This means that if several players bought the same hero, their chances to get the hero again and again (for the third time) decreases almost to zero: there will simply be no heroes in the store, the game will have nothing to give out. On the other hand, when a player from your match sells a hero, it returns to the common pool.

What is the heroes' pool and how it works?

Dota Underlords' store works not in absolute random and there are no 'hidden mechanics' (the ladder is still unstable, there is hide).

  • All heroes are in one common pool.
  • Each player buys figures from the common pool.
  • When a player sells a piece, it returns to the common pool.
  • Each round the game generates the parameters of your store based on the purchases of other players and your level.
  • When you upgrade a hero to 3 stars, the game no longer offers his figures in the store.
  • When a player leaves the game (dies, loses, quits the match), all his characters on the field and the bench return to the common pool.

How many heroes there are in the pool?

Summary table
Figure's priceHow many figures there are in the storeHow many three-star heroes can be made in one match
1 gold coins45 (each hero)5
2 gold coins30 (each hero)3
3 gold coins25 (each hero)2
4 gold coins15 (each hero)1
5 gold coins10 (each hero)1

The picture shows the chances of dropping heroes, depending on the level. As the player's level rises, the chance of rarer units increases and the odds of normal ones drop.

Source: qihl.gg

According to statistics science, it is very profitable to have green (Tier 2) heroes for 2 coins: they are always in prosperity from levels 2 to 9 (at the first level there are no green figures offered at all, and at the tenth level, the probability is reduced). Also, starting from level five, it is worth taking the "blue" (Tier 3) heroes for 3 gold coins. 

What is the chance of getting a hero for X price? 

The table of chances
Player's levelChances to get a figure for 1 coin
Chances to get a figure for 2 coins
Chances to get a figure for 3 coins
Chances to get a figure for 4 coins
Chances to get a figure for 5 coins





You need to collect 9 figures to get a hero with three stars above the head. Imagine that in the fiftieth round 7 of 8 players saw in their store a hero for 5 gold and bought them at a time. There are three such heroes left in the common pool, and to raise this hero to the second star you need two more copies. The chances that the next two copies will come to you in the next round are close to zero.

How close? Let's do maths. In the common pool, there are three figures left. Let's say, there are five players left, each of them get level 11. So, the chances to get two figures for 5 coins at once in the next round is 0.15 * 0.2 * 3 * 0.5 = 0.045.

That's 4,5%. Feeling lucky?

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