Why Are PS5 Fighting Games Not Yet Announced?

Sep 17 2020 3 min read
Credit: Playstation.com

Fighting games were conspicuously missing from the PS5 game lineup, but there were still a couple of features that FGC members will be excited by

So, more details of the PS5 have been released by Sony, including a release date and price. Naturally, the internet went into overdrive with people excited at the prospect of the future of gaming. Along with the price and release date, a slew of games was announced, including Spiderman: Miles Morales, Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy, and so on.

Conspicuously missing, though, were fighting games. While it is likely that there will be a couple of our favorite titles on the PS5 after its release, there currently isn't really anything to look forward to. The reaction on social media felt somewhat resigned as most FGC members announced that they would wait till fighting games are announced before deciding which console to go for.

Of course, this is understandable as the X-box Series X was also announced, and pitching a tent with one console without knowing its compatibility with your fighting game of choice is a pretty bad idea. So, with all of that said, it seems you'll have to wait a little longer for an announcement regarding your favorite fighting game.

Thankfully, there is one fighting game that has been announced so far with Guilty Gear Strive, from the stable of Arc System Works, set to hit the PS5 and PC in Spring 2021. Fans were super excited by this announcement as it marks fighting game's first foray into the world of enhanced graphics and other incredible features that are sure to come with the PS5.

The next-gen of fighting games are going to be lit

As mentioned earlier, there is still a tonne of excitement for the PlayStation 5 and what it means for fighting titles. We expect to hear some news on Street Fighter VI soon and other titles, including Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and so on. But, before then, the biggest, and most exciting piece of news (apart from the news on Guilty Gear Strive, of course) is the fact that the PS5 has extra USB ports at the back, which is just perfect. An addition that small might seem meaningless to the casual gamer, but it is actually a pretty big deal for the FGC and the future of fighting game esports.

This is because of fight sticks.

Typically, fight sticks use USB cables and need to be connected to the Playstation, especially at tourneys. Currently, the presence of only 2 USB ports in which you can plug a fight stick is an inconvenience especially for a game like Smash that allows up to 4 players to battle at the same time. So, the addition of extra USB ports not only makes games like Smash more convenient for players with fight sticks, but it also grants developers room to insert new innovations in fighting games.

Furthermore, it has been announced that fight sticks used for the current generation of consoles will also be compatible with the PS5. This means that you can still hold on to your trusty fight stick after making the jump to PS5.

Meanwhile, even with the lack of any fighting game announced with the PS5 (except Guilty Gear), there is still a lot to look forward to. It is speculated that the Capcom cup will also feature an announcement of Street Fighter VI, and it is hoped that the newest iteration of this beloved fighting game better netcode.

So, are you excited for the PS5? I know I am. What game are you most interested in buying? Are you also interested in the Xbox, or you plan to remain a PC player? You can leave your thoughts in the comments.


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