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Apr 13 2020 4 min read
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Valorant made its way into closed beta last week, and it has been an insane success. At one point last week, the game surpassed 1.7 million viewers on Twitch. Granted, some of those numbers are slightly inflated due to all the bot accounts trying to farm whitelisting, but you get the point.

Valorant is much like Overwatch in their Agents having unique abilities that completely change the outcome and gameplay in the server. Valorant plays like CS while offering unique character abilities like Overwatch, making for quite an interesting love child. A big question surrounding the game right now is the best Agent you can run in your matches to help turn the tides of battle in your favor, and we have the answer for you.


I may receive a lot of flame for picking who I did, and I'll explain why. Raze is an extremely powerful Agent in Valorant. All of her abilities offer kill potential, even one-hit kill potential, which is vastly more than any other Agent in the game. The reason for picking her as the best Agent will grant me some flack is because it is amusingly true.

Raze has been the center for a ton of criticism for many influencers and content creators since the closed beta launched. Raze was not in the secret alpha event where select content creators got to play the game under the radar, which is the reason we never heard these complaints until the closed beta launched last week.

But, even with all that bias, I still want to showcase her abilities and what they have the potential to do and let you come to your own conclusions. Be warned, I fall in the camp of thinking the character too strong, so I am sure that will come to light in the detailing of her abilities.


Boom goes the Roomba

Raze's first ability is her Boom Bot. The Boom Bot can be purchased for 200 credits and is a little robot she sets on the ground, which clumsily seeks out enemies. I say clumsily because it doesn't hone on an enemy until one is in its sights, then it eagerly chases down its prey and explodes. This ability is good for a number of reasons. The first being the obvious damage potential it offers at no threat to Raze. If not damage potential, then the bot also has to be answered by opposing players and shot, revealing their position, once again, with no threat to Raze. It doubles as a scouting tool and a damage tool, which makes it pretty valuable for 200 credits.



Raze's second ability is her Blast Pack. The Blast Pack is a C4 pack that Raze can hold two of and are 100 credits apiece. The Blast Pack works much like Junkrat's Concussion Mine in that it can be self detonated by Raze and offers her the ability to boost herself onto areas she couldn't otherwise get to. The Blast Pack also servers as a damage tool that can be used to flush out corners or unfavorable angles with no risk for Raze. This Blast Pack makes Raze highly versatile in her positioning and makes her extremely annoying to defend against due to its kill potential.


Kobe RIP

Raze's third ability is her Paint Shells. The Paint Shells are cluster grenades that Raze can carry two of at 200 credits each. The Paint Shells are one of Raze's most annoying abilities in her kit due to the damage they do and the area they can cover with their blast radius due to being a cluster grenade. This is yet another ability that offers immense kill potential, even more so than the previous two, and is extremely effective at clearing out corners and angles with no risk to Raze.


Rocket goes boom

Raze's ultimate ability is the Showstopper. The Showstopper is a rocket launcher that can be used once Raze gets six kills/orbs and has a pretty big blast radius that kills players within it. Once the Showstopper is pulled out, Raze has a limited amount of time to use it, but it's plenty of time. I think it is very apparent as to the reason this is extremely powerful in a tactical shooter. Attacking a bombsite with your rocket launcher almost guarantees a kill, if not an opening, especially if you used to rest of her kit to clear angles. Then, defending also guarantees at least one kill, maybe even more if you find your opponent five-stacking on an eco round.


Raze is unarguably the most powerful Agent in the game given her kit and the pacing and structure of Valorant. Having her on your team is essential, mainly because the enemy team will most likely have her too. Her abilities are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to play around aside from complete avoidance, which is not always a choice. From what I have heard from some of the developers' comments is that Raze isn't as broken as she appears at high levels of play, but I'm not sure I entirely agree with it. We shall see in the coming times if Raze continues to be leaps and bounds better than the other agents, and if she will be addressed with nerfs.


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