What should I play now? Best Hearthstone decks

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Here's a list of relevant Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks for you. Enjoy!

Greetings, friends! The “Knights of the Frozen Throne” was released just a few weeks ago. Meta finally evolved, we saw a lot of control decks in play. The matches take much more time now but became more skill-based, if you can use that term regarding Hearthstone anyway.

Many players are still on quest to find the best decks, so let’s see what people play in 2k17.

Exodia Mage. This is a Tier 2 deck according to TempoStorm but the quest mage is pretty good right now, having a decent late game potential. You have lots of iceblocks, freeze spells and powerful OTK. Don’t let it fool you thought, it’s not as simple as it seems. The deck is not recommended for new players because you need to know enemy decks very well and calculate everything beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll die before you activate the sacred extra turn.

Jade Druid. We thought this deck’s gonna die cause devs added one card that destroys all 1 mana spells in both decks. But the thing is players don’t actually use this card that often. Plus, in my experience it’s not so easy to draw it; and when druid floods the board with several “Free” 10/10s, it’s too late to play a 6 mana creature for tempo – you’ll just get finished. The deck plays out quite well, especially thanks to improved hero abilities and Ultimate Infestation – this card is just FREAKING CRAZY.

Midrange PaladinA decent deck with good early and mid game. Sometimes you can even rush the above mentioned Mage and Druid down. Early pressure can be easily kept up with more “heavy-artillery” cards. In addition, Stonehill Defenders will always grant you Tarim and Tirion with no problem CoolStoryBob.

Big Priest. This Priest deck is solid but I like the below version more. It’s pretty hard to counter Quest Mage; Jade Druid is 50/50 because we can fill the board and put the pressure. Two Forbidden Shapings make each match “incredibly fascinating”. Overall, the deck’s worth trying out but you might get bored really quick.

Highlander Priest. I like this version more, although Cabal Shadow Priest can be switched with The Black Knight to counter many meta taunts. This deck contains many AoE spells and Shadowreaper Anduin + Raza work wonders in late game allowing you to deal with enemy’s board and face equally fast.

Token Shaman. Frankly speaking, the doppelgangster + evolve combo was one of my favorites last expansion but this version will have hard time to find its place. It’s so many control decks out there, many AoE spells so Shaman won’t take it easy but it’s still possible to win. If you want to try, I recommend this specific version with 2 Bloodlusts. Often they’ll give you a free win.

Miracle Rogue. Rogue had one card changed after the expansion was out which means we wait for new cards in Hall of Fame (or we don’t?). There’s nothing to add here. I believe you saw this deck so many times and know that Rogue still can win due to pressure. As TempoStorm says, Valeera also stands in Tier 2.

Handlock PogChamp. Yes, he’s back, back again! However, the deck is not the same as before. You can try it, for variety’s sake but without Reno – it just doesn’t feel right :( It still has lots of control options, perfect effect granted by Bloodreaver Gul’Dan and huge nostalgic feeling for old Handlock from the League of Explorers.

Ramp Druid. Another popular deck which mostly induces rage of your opponents with proper mulligan and draw. If you manage to ramp your mana up, your opponent is up for a few surprising treats :) Worth trying out, very fun deck at times.

That’s it folks, if any deck gets into Tier 1 - Tier 2 – we will immediately let you know.

Good luck in climbing and grinding!

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