What should be expected from Fortnite season 6?

Aug 28 2018 4 min read

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More recently, Fortnite fans have discussed the flight of a space rocket, the appearance of objects from the game in the real life and other delights of the fifth season. However, time flies by, and we are only a few weeks away from the sixth season. New skins, a new battle pass, many interesting changes have been prepared for us next season! The mysterious purple artifact has already appeared in the game, and start crossing the map steadily. What else can we expect in the nearest future from one of the most popular battle royals of the world? Curious, eh? Then here you go:

What’s with the cube?

A good question, for which there is no exact answer. Here is a brief summary of the whole story, starting with the flight of the rocket.

The launch of the rocket caused a rift in space and time. From this rift emerged such things as the Viking village, the desert and the temple where the tomato is being worshiped. The police of space and time were upset due to recent events (obviously) and decided to restore the order. The crack has shuttered, concluding in a colossal thunderstorm and has emerged an intelligent cube on the island of Fortnite. The artifact is covered with strange runes and motions every 2 hours towards Loot Lake, as claimed by most fans of the game.

When is the start of the sixth season?

The date of official release is not yet announced, but seasons usually begin shortly after the end of the previous one. So, the release is roughly oriented on September 20.

The theme of Season 6

We can assume that the clash of worlds will continue, but in a different way, not through temporary rifts. Take a look at the image below and you will see some kind of a castle. 

 Epic Games often used old maps for promotions. Therefore, the castle can appear as a bunch of trees. As well as the missing Viking village or the base of the villains could turn out to be a common fiction. On the other hand, there is a chance that cube can somehow send the entire map back in time, blending all the places and epochs together.

What changes are expected on the map?

In addition to the possible appearance of the castle, no predictions can be made. There is an interesting idea in FNBRLeaks, which sounds like:

This location has always been pretty controversial since the launch of the first season. In an open area, you don’t have to run a lot, you have to build a lot. The maximum pleasure from playing on Loot Lake can only be obtained at the end of the game when each participant has enough resources for construction. Changes in this section of the map have matured for a long time, and if the cube is really going to the lake, then we can expect that the Loot Lake will get a firm smack with the designer’s hand.

New items in the sixth season

Everything will again depend on the cube: most likely, a new technology will be introduced which will affect the movement on the map and then turn into the new and original equipment from the arsenal. We all know, how rich is the imagination of Epic Games developers, surely there will be many surprises!

What kind of skins to wait in the new season?

Maybe cubic? Designers will definitely play with corners and sides. If the conjecture with the castle turns out to be true, we are awaited by knights, royal nobles, jesters and other archetypes from the Middle Ages.

How much will a combat pass be in the new season?

As usual, if the developers do not decide to modify prices. The cost of the Battle Pass in the game is 950 V-bucks, it's about $10.


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