WGLRU. Week #3. Preview

Sep 29 2017 3 min read
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Hello tankers^^  The long-awaited season began to present surprises in the form of victories of NSS and Unique over Rush. Let's see if we can be surprised by the third week of the Gold Series.

Matches of the week. This weekend is not easy for the Tornado Energy team. Their squad still undefeated, and now they will play against two of the strongest teams - Rush and Not So Serious.

It is difficult to talk about any chances, it's difficult to predict the score, - it's these matches from the category of interesting, where the favorite does not kick an outsider in a relaxed state.

But first things first.

29.09.2017. 20:00 MSK. Rush vs Rostselmash.

Teams that have a lot in common. First, their names are rhyming. Secondly, they need to convince sponsors of their suitability. If Rostselmash is not so good justifying the trust of new partners, then Rush needs to regain its reputation before the old times in order to sign any more or less solid organization. Well, the third point: the difficulty with the points for the tournament standings. Here the teams do not really care.


29.09.2017. 21:30 MSK. Tornado Energy vs Not So Serious.

The author of this article very much underestimated the NSS, as the "burning" Levanta has returned. But we must admit that I was wrong, because Not So Serious, in spite of its name, has assumed its responsibility. Yes, the first match against Unique caused doubts, but in the following meetings Egor Zubarev's wards proved that they will fight for the championship, because the captain missed the lan-finals. The second match of the week the guys will hold against Brain Storm, which has clearly allowed them to give the current world champions a huge portion of attention. The team is well prepared, and they have something to surprise, I personally believe it.

In general, we must admit that it is difficult to not feel the sympathy for NSS. No, no, I'm not a glory, just take the next paragraph as a statement of fact. The team (or rather the team was different, but with the same name) went through the open qualifiers to the Gold Series, for the season went up to the list of favorites. Then the team in the online part did not lose a single match and lost the captain plus the player. And now the year passes: there are just one player, who leaves the roster and  Ivan 'Beowulf422' Yavorsky may already regrets his leaving. At the same time Nikita 'sh0tnik' Pakhomov makes it and rises to the first line in the tank rating of WN8. A year later, the captain returned to the squad and the team once again beat ex-Na'Vi. Let's be honest, throwing off all your likes and dislikes, does not this story deserve the Happy End? The question is rather rhetorical, but we got carried away.

If we talk about chances, it's like 65 by 35 in the direction of Tornado Energy, rather because of the name, titles, experience and teamwork. But in general there are 50 to 50, as both teams will fight until the last.

Caution! Possible first tie-breaker in the season! (/spoiler).

See you in the fields of tanks' eSports, bro!


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