WGLRU. Week #2. Preview and some stats

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Let's talk a little about the matches of the second week (WGLRU)

Hello tankers! Another weekend, new battles and, of course, new tactics.

Teams are again ready to join the battle, well, let's talk about the upcoming matches this Friday.

20:00 MSK - IMPACT Gaming vs Rostselmash.

Curiously, that Rostselmash has banned Ruinberg and the Lost City, which they have already played this season. (The Lost City - 1: 1 vs Tornado Energy, Ruinberg - 2: 0 vs BS). ex-CDM do not hesitate to play on all maps and surprise their rivals. IMPACT Gaming is constantly banning Prokhorovka, but the second map was Himmelsdorf and the Cliff. For this match IG did not prepare Murovanka.

Fighting will take place on the maps of Cliff, Sand River, Mines and Himmelsdorf. Tie-break - Prokhorovka.


IG: 1:1 (Rush);

RSM: 1:1 (Tornado Energy), 1:0 (BS).

We see that both teams have defended Himmelsdorf against the titled enemies well, so the viewer has every chance to see interesting tactics and hard battles on this map.


IG: 1:1 (Cascade);

RSM: 2:0 (Brain Storm), 1:1 (Tornado Energy).

Here, both teams can also boast of their successes.

Sand River:

IG: 1:1 (Cascade)


IG: 2:0 (Rush);

If we talk about the predictions, the favorite here is the RSM team, but I would not be able to bet on them anyway. We are all knew to the fact that IMPACT Gaming are outsiders, because their previous season was very disgusting. But now the guys have a new page in the history of their team, and clearly there is a huge desire to no longer fight for survival in the league. They started the season very well, and have the same number of points as Rostselmash. Of course, Dmitriy's "KycoK_Ov4arku" Kasatkin's wards have got new partners, but they still have to fight for the right to be named the Tier 1 team. And this match, by the way - a good chance to start this fight.

(Bet on weplay.tv: IMPACT Gaming - 3.062, RSM - 1.186)

21:30 MSK - NSS vs Cascade.

NSS started the season strangely as usual. They lost against Unique because of their own mistakes and it seemed that everything was not going so well. But already in the next match ‘NSS’  overcames Rush, not even allowing them to tie-breaker. Cascade also has one victory and one defeat. Nevertheless, there are rumors that the match between Brain Storm and Cascade was intentionally merged by ‘brains’, but this does not negate the merits of the league's newcomers. Now they have a chance to prove themselves and prove to everyone that the victory over the BS is a successful start, not an accident.

(Bet on weplay.tv: NSS - 1.098, Cascade - 3.855)

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