WeSave! Charity Play — Day Six Results & Final Day Schedule

Mar 25 2020 2 min read

WeSave! Charity Play — Day Six Results & Final Day Schedule ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

WeSave! Charity Play nonprofit online marathon got its finalists in all six regions. We hope that the last two long-lasting days with bo5 Finals and high-quality DotA could entertain staying at home. PSG.LGD and Thunder Predator showed decent team play with great results!

The only good games will await us tomorrow. Were you enjoying our celebrity casters Ceb and n0taiL today? We're sure you do! So, there will be more fun and bright games for Dota 2 fans with our CIS vs. EU Final and 3v3 NA All-Star Match. But let's sort out the results of the current play day.

Wednesday, March 25 Results

China Finals [bo5]

PSG.LGD 3:0 Vici Gaming

Europe Finals [bo5]

Team Liquid 1:3 Team Nigma

South America Finals [bo5]

NoPing Esports 0:3 Thunder Predator


WeSave! Charity Play Day Six Best Moments

Final Day Schedule, March 26

15:00 CET — Preshow

CIS vs EU Finals [bo5]

16:00 CET — HellRaisers vs Team Nigma

North America All-Star Match [bo1]

21:00 CET — 3v3


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Today we've reached $186,902 which will be sent directly to Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and GlobalGiving funds. 

You can make a donation here, and read the answers to frequently asked questions here.


WeSave! Charity Play online nonprofit marathon will is held from March 20 to 26. 24 teams from six regions will battle each other inside their regions. The prize pool is set to $120,000 — all of them will go to specific organizations fighting COVID-19.

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World Esports Stands for Charity and Peace in Ukraine

Donate to Techiia Foundation to support charity and people of Ukraine for those who suffer the most, for those who protect the country from the Russian army forces right now and for those who will never return from this war but remain in our hearts forever.

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