WePlay!'s Scientific Research: Is Kyle Wrong?

May 14 2020 3 min read

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While WePlay! Pushka League was running and all of you were watching some exceptional Dota 2 action, something fascinating was happening in the cellars of the studio. It seems that one should not even mention the Kyle Freedman phenomenon and the well-established opinion that he is always wrong. Well, our most patient and persistent scientist, Arseny Kuzminsky, was sent on a mission to find out if Kyle was right or not.

As you know, studying a topic means that you have a theory that can be confirmed or refuted and only if there is a certain amount of data collected. Pushka League lasted a long three weeks. And every day Arseny was forced to approach Kyle and find out his opinion about the upcoming gameday. More specifically, Kyle’s calculations regarding the winners of each meeting. Those who followed our scientist’s daily diary, Getting It Right with Kyle, could begin to guess the outcomes. But most importantly, the real result began to emerge only through the distance.


Nineteen game days, fifty-six matches, dozens of hours of monitoring, hundreds of attempts to extract at least a few words from Kyle about the reasons for choosing his favourites hoping to improve the quality of the research to not just get some random names. It was a tough period. But in the end, it all was worth it. Check the Infographics.


"The experiment started pretty rough. Kyle has hit 0/3 with Virtus.pro vs VP.Prodigy even being postponed. The second day, he only guessed Team Secret and got 1/3. I was discouraged," — scientist's notes say. The whole first week of Pushka League was awful for Kyle. He only predicted eight correct outcomes. 

But just look at how accurate Kyle was in the Playoffs. Only three mistakes from fourteen matches, which is approximately 75% correct guesses.   

And one fascinating detail you might have missed is... Team Nigma, surely Kyle's curse. He bet on Kuro's gang five times and only one of those was correct. 

All in all, after doing some calculations, not believing the numbers, doing the calculations, again and again, we got ourselves an answer for one of the most important questions of the Universe:

Is Kyle Freedman Right or Wrong?

And the result of the research shows us that...

Kyle is right.

Most of the times. He made 56 predictions, 60,7% (34) of them were correct, 39,3% (22) were not. This is the truth, a shocking truth.

It was a complex but astonishingly exciting research. Plunging into the abyss of Kyle's consciousness, finding diamonds there and showing people that not everything is lost. Opinion, goal, study, data processing, reporting.

Believe Kyle. He could sometimes say stuff and we might want him to shut up, but after sifting, you can notice a good analyst and, more importantly, a person with an opinion.


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