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Nov 30 2020 5 min read

Following our piece on our favorite fatalities, we decided to also talk about our favorite Mortal Kombat games

There’s absolutely no way you’ll go through a list of the greatest fighting games of all time and not mention the Mortal Kombat franchise. Such has been its legacy and impact that there are very few people who can claim not to have picked it up at some point or the other. Sure it’s controversial and has some pretty not-so-kid-friendly content, but there’s no denying that it is a good time.


One of the secrets to the longevity of MK is its long roster of games that have been released over the years. First released in 1992, Mortal Kombat is now almost 30 years of age and in that time there have been almost as many titles. While the fortunes of each differ, they all had a role to play in building the legend that is Mortal Kombat today. Just as everyone has a different favorite Rocky or Lethal Weapon movie (Rocky 1 and Lethal Weapon 3 for me) opinions differ as to the best Mortal Kombat game. Probably the most acceptable answer to the question, ‘What is the best Mortal Kombat game’ is ‘what was your personal favorite?’


With that in mind, we decided to ask around the office to get the opinion of the people as to what they consider as their best Mortal Kombat game. You can leave a reply in the comments of you want to participate


Favorite MK: Armageddon

‘My favorite MK is definitely Armageddon. I have so many fond memories of my friend and I playing through the story mode and creating the dumbest looking characters imaginable and beating each other up with them. Another thing I loved about Armageddon was Motor Kombat, another feature me and my friend would play for hours on end. I still have the PS2 disc laying around somewhere. Maybe I'll pull out my silver PS2 slim and rehash my childhood memories 

that my parents probably shouldn't have let me have.


Favorite MK: Mortal Kombat 11

As you may have guessed, my favorite MK game is MK11. I've not really played any of the previous titles in the franchise, and MK11 was my first real foray into the FGC. While I initially really sucked at it, I'd like to think that today I still suck, but just less hahaha. I know there have been far more memorable moments in previous MK titles, but I quite like MK11 due to its overall neatness. Graphically, I feel like MK X already looks dated, so the fact that MK11 looks visually on par with most large titles out there is a big plus for me. Furthermore, I believe that, while the story feels very cheesy and like a bad Hollywood movie script, you get to see many of the franchise's main characters alongside new interesting faces such as the Kollector. I love the DLC characters as well given that they bring back a few iconic names while also adding unique characters such as The Terminator, Spawn, and RoboCop. The Krypt is also full of content and Easter eggs, referring to a lot of the universe's enigmatic lore. 


Favorite MK: Mortal Kombat II (PS)


I like two parts, MKII (PS) and MK 11 (PS4). It's very difficult to decide which one is better because the new MK looks cool and is really a great game, but my heart tells me what to choose. When I was a kid, I played a lot of MKII with my friend in his apartment (as most of us did, for sure). The memories about this part always warm me from inside. The times!


Classic MK


Favorite MK: Mortal Kombat

My favorite Mortal Kombat is the arcade version from 1992. I remember going to the arcade and playing the game with my father by my side. I wasn’t always good, but the pressure of having only one coin to climb up the ladder really was a challenge at the time and forced me to become better at the game. I would probably really suck if I were ever to play again, but the memories of the fun times I had with family will always remain with me. 


Favorite MK: Mortal Kombat 11

Why is MK11 my favorite? Well, the answer is simple; we are organizing a tournament around it! Okay, I’m kidding (partly.) MK11 is my favorite because it has better graphics and an interesting roster. In addition, the challenges in the Krypt give the gameplay a large dose of variety which means there is enough kontent (see what I did there?) for hours and hours of play. 


Favorite MK- Mortal Kombat 11

Yoooooo! Never played an MK game properly 


Editor’s note- The chat fell deathly silent at this point and Matt, honestly fearing for his life wrote the next set of words.


However, I was a huge fan of watching people play Mortal Kombat 11. True, I can’t really say I have played or watched many of the...err…other iterations, but watching some of the sick combos executed by pro players and the insane fatalities really made the backseat gaming experience a lot of fun for me. I think I tried out the Sub-Zero fatality once....and bro!


Editor’s note- Matt was getting virtual nods of approval and finally felt safe again.

Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate


Favorite MK: Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate

Personally, I believe that a gamer’s favorite games are always tied to the memories that the game evokes. I love Street Fighter because it was the first game I ever picked up. I love Resident Evil and Ocarina of Time because I played them with an elder brother I didn’t get to see much of, but whom I adored. So, the time spent together was precious, and I love Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate because I played the heck out of it at a time in my life that I generally regard as happy. When I was a kid, my aunt owned a gaming center where she charged patrons to play video games, and she had Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate which I played a lot. Also, the characters from that game were iconic as it was the first time we met the likes of Cyrax, Sektor, Jade, Nightwolf, Kabal, and so on. 


Can you remember the first Mortal Kombat you ever played? Is it also your favorite game? What was your favorite fatality? Feel free to leave a reply below.


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