WePlay's Dragon Temple Gets Off To An Explosive Start With Pocket Team Klash

Dec 11 2020 6 min read

WePlay Dragon Temple teased us with the excitement to come with a thoroughly enjoyable pocket team klash tournament

The WePlay Dragon Temple is on! The much anticipated debut of WePlay in the FGC got off to the most exciting start possible with a pocket team klash which pitted four players in a 2v2 format. The fourteen contestants were involved and engaged each other in bloody Mortal Kombat. The fights were glorious, the analysis on point, and the energy unmatched. 

The teams were as follows:

  • George "Grr" Foulkes & Sayed "Tekken Master" Hashim Ahmed
  • Wellington "Konqueror249" de Castro & Aj "2eZ" Pieri
  • Denom "A F0xy Grampa" Jones & Alexandre "Hayatei" Dube-Bilodeau
  • Arsam "AVirk13" Virk & Tyrese "DizzyTT" Carl
  • Hamid "MK_Azerbaijan" Mustafayev & Alexander "Hadoken" Marchenko
  • Alfio "Asodimazze"Tommaso Zacco & Georgios "Dubasik" Kalaitsidis
  • Sedria L. "Infinitii" & Christian "Forever King" Quiles

In what turned out to be a stunning victory, AVirk13 and Dizzy TT took the entire tournament defeating the indomitable looking duo of Grr and Tekken Master. In a tournament littered with hype matches, we wanted to highlight a few we thought were the absolute best of the best. 


Konqueror and 2ez vs Avirk and Dizzy

2ez & Konqueror vs AVirk13 & Dizzy TT

The first match to catch the eye was AVirk13 playing in his very first offline tournament taking on 2ez and Konqueror. The worry for many was that with a relative lack of experience, AVirk might struggle. Not only that, the pocket team klash mandated that players stay away from their mains meaning that AVirk didn't have Scorpion available to him. His first opponent was 2ez, who without his Sub-Zero had to settle for Cetrion. After a nervy opening, AVirk, using Liu Kang, really got into the groove of things and started to deal with whatever 2ez threw his way. On seeing AVirk's insane neutral game, 2ez tried to play keep away, locking AVirk in the corner. But like every adaptable player, AVirk closed the gap and punished 2ez severely. 

After dispatching 2ez, AVirk was left with Konqueror. The Brazilian is a well-known Sub-Zero player, but with this option unavailable, he opted for Johnny Cage, and boy, did he show off some incredible skills. Konqueror's Johnny was so good, it almost felt like he was using a main. Not even when Dizzy also picked up a Johnny could anyone stop the Brazilian who switched seamlessly between aggression and patience. Konqueror took the match, beating both AVirk and Dizzy, but it was still an absolutely memorable debut for AVirk

There were several Johnny's in the tournament, but it was clear for all to see that Konqueror had the best Johnny around.

Hayatei and Foxt Grampa vs Grr and Tekken Master

Hayatei & A F0xy Grampa vs Grr & Tekken Master

Of the new characters introduced into the game in the last update, Rambo probably shone the most, thanks to some incredible play from Grr. The American native really let loose in previous games, and opponents were really unable to deal with him. Against Hayatei, though, he was up against a seasoned veteran who's Johnny Cage was really something to marvel at. However, even with all this, he was unable to defeat Grr, who was able to bring it back from the brink and won. Foxy then took the stage and using Nightwolf, was able to dispatch Grr with relative ease. 

Then came the match everyone was waiting for

Tekken Master finally got a chance to show off his skills against a fellow veteran in Foxy. This was easily grand final material, and even without their principal characters, both players still showed why they are considered some of the best MK players ever. Tekken Master is well-known for his unpredictability, and this was evident once again when he decided to go for Geras against Foxy's Nightwolf. The match itself was an epic, but Tekken Master was able to clutch it out. 

It ended 2-1 in favor of Tekken Master and Grr.

Infinitii and ForeverKing vs Asodimazze and Dubasik

Infinitii & ForeverKing vs Asodimazze & Dubasik

Infinitii and ForeverKing endured something of a torrid tournament as the duo ended up with no wins. But, this was clearly their best game as Infinitii came out swinging with an incredible Jade pick. Her grabs and air attacks were too much for Dubasik to deal with and his Sindel had no answers for some smart play. In the meantime, ForeverKing stood out for his decision to pick Shao Kahn, a character that could be pretty problematic to use. Admirable as his pick was, he was unable to defeat Dubasik and had to settle for watching Infinitii kick ass. She did not disappoint and by the time Asodimazze selected Shang Tsung, it was looking like Infinitii and ForeverKing might get their first win. However, Asodimazze turned out to be a pretty crafty opponent and he successfully zoned Infinitii ensuring that she could never close the space between them. Skillfully using ground eruptions and dropping dead bodies, Asodimazze ensured that Infinitii was left with unsuccessful jump-ins which were swiftly dealt with. 

It was a shame that Infinitii and her partner couldn't come away with more, but it was still a pretty great match to watch.


MK_Azerbaijan and Hadoken vs 2ez and Konqueror

MK_Azerbaijan & Hadoken vs 2ez & Konqueror

Two of the biggest unknowns going into this tournament were Hadoken and MK_Azerbaijan. The former is a Ukrainian player with precious little information on the internet, including social media which he doesn't seem to use much of. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, is signed to Team Mystery as an NRS player. That said, he's still a relative unknown in the scene and this was a chance for him to really show what he was all about. He did exactly that using Sheeva to good effect. 2ez went for Shag Tsung mirroring Hadoken who went for the same character. The superior experience of 2ez showed as he was able to keep Hadoken at bay and had little trouble winning. 

Then came Azerbaijan

Going with the Sheeva pick, he grabbed 2ez almost at will and soon he was able to dispatch 2ez. Next up was Konqueror who's Johnny Cage was looking unbeatable at this time. However, it soon became evident that Sheeva was more than a match for Johnny Cage and soon Konqueror found himself pulling off clutch corner escapes as he dealt with Azerbaijan's relentless pressure. Soon Konqueror was left trading fireballs, but Azerbaijan was canny and took the initiative to defeat Konqueror, becoming the first participant to pull it off at the time. 

Dizzy and Avirk vs Grr and Tekken Master

Dizzy TT & AVirk13 vs Grr & Tekken Master

The grand finals wasn't short of hype and drama, and it was a true underdog tale. Grr and Tekken Master went into the game undefeated and looking for all the world as champions. But Dizzy and AVirk had other plans. In what was a close tie, both teams really did their best, but it all came down to the final match with AVirk going for his mortal enemy, Sub-Zero, while Tekken Master continued with Geras. 

It looked like Tekken Master would win, but in true underdog fashion, AVirk "shonened" himself and found some deep well of resilience which he used to counter Tekken Master and with the help of a well-timed fatal blow, he was able to take the final game. 


And now, with our palates well and truly cleansed, we can look forward to today's action with great excitement.

Can't wait!


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