WePlay.tv gifts and promos at Fan Expo Odessa 2015

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As previously reported, WePlay.tv will participate in one of the most interesting convents of this year - Fan Expo Odessa 2015.


As previously reported, WePlay.tv will participate in one of the most interesting convents of this year - Fan Expo Odessa 2015.


In addition to the live broadcast of the event we will please our fans and visitors with a variety of competitions and activities in which you can win small and not-so-small prizes, get souvenirs and positive charge.


So, what competitions await visitors at the festival?




Our VKontakte group will ha two album for this competition: one for girls and one for boys. Having come to the festival, look around for our employees in the hall, away from our booth. They can easily be found with our company's symbols. Do not hesitate to grab them with you and make as more photos as you like! It is for the best photos will be awarded prizes for most creative and clever contestants.


Prizes for girls: Logitech С920 web camera, t-shirt, keyrings.


Prizes for boys: Logitech G105 keyboard, t-shirt, keyrings.




This competition is for photo enthusiasts, and it is much easier (though prizes will be modest too). All that will be required from the participant is to take a photo at our booth. For such a simple task all visitors will be awarded with a nice bonus. Want more? What could be simpler! Load the photo on your page in the social network, add #WePlay hash tag # and you will get one more surprise.


Prizes: bonus codes, keyrings, wristbands.




As you probably know, WePlay.tv is not only about tournaments streaming, but also a manufacturer of unique t-shirts, keyrings, cups, and our favorite plush toys. All of this will be available at our booth at Fan Expo Odessa. But we just cant let our customers go out without much gratitude, right? Therefore, in addition to a wonderful purchase you will also get a nice bonus. And at the end of the festival will be held an additional draw amongst our customers, that for sure will surprise everyone.


Prizes: Logitech G930 headphones, Logitech G19 keyboard, plush toy, Logitech C525 web camera, bonus codes.




We all regularly happen funny situations when we spend time at our favorite games. Many of you have definitely accumulated more than a dozen of them. Well, we have come up with a use for them - share your best story and get a prize from WePlay.tv!




The most interesting our competition. WePlay.tv will hold a special quest in which pre-registered players will receive in your email tricky questions, and the correct answers will lead to a great prizes!


To participate you must send an email labeled "Quest" to info@weplay.tv with you name and surname. The contest will begin at 13:00, so we recommend to go to the booth in advance.


Prizes: plush toy, Logitech G105 keyboard, Logitech G302 mouse, keychains, bonus codes.




And to make it pleasant to all with no exception, we will give away a lot of bonus codes in the amount of 100WP to 1000WP or $ 1 to $ 3 for activation at WePlay.tv site. Look for them throughout the festival, because they can hide in the most unexpected places!


We are waiting for you at the Fan Expo Odessa in 2015!

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