WePlay! Tug of War: Dire – Day 5 Predictions

May 31 2019 4 min read

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The fifth day of Tug of War: Dire brings us the first round of regional finals. The upcoming standoff will determine the teams worthy of performing in the grand finals where they’ll define the fate of the prize pool – and the anticipated slots for the Tug of War: Mad Moon LAN tournament.

The matches should be thrilling – don’t miss the chance to enjoy masterful Dota 2 plays. We’ve once again prepared our predictions – along with our trusty partner 1xBet.

The schedule for the fifth day is available here, while the results of the fourth day – here.

paiN (1.52) vs Infamous (2.37)

paiN has demonstrated a stable and confident performance while making the least possible amount of mistakes a well enough going through the draft stage.

Unlike the opponent, Infamous is more of a chaotic team in terms of actions, although they managed to win before thanks to a reasonably high individual skill of the players. Still, while playing against Anvorgesa, they were close to a loss because of the poor team play.

In comparison to Infamous (who are yet to find their flawless play style), paiN is in a much more favourable state. We believe that their success will be determined by better picks and confident team play.

J.Storm (1.21) vs Beastcoast (3.86)

J.Storm has made a few replacements – instead of March and Bryle, the team was joined by DeMoN and Nine. This attempt to strengthen the line-up in the wake of The International might bring additional problems for the team’s next match. The individual skill might help, though.

Beastcoast is an example of such replacement consequences. After they replaced two players, they had a hard time defeating a reasonably weak opponent. It means that the team hasn’t reached a satisfying level of cooperation yet.

That said, the upcoming match-up is going to be rather intriguing – a battle between two refreshed line-ups. Still, J.Storm was stronger before the replacements – and this advantage should stay and pay off.

EVOS Esports (2.05) vs Neon Esports (1.71)

EVOS Esports has surprised everyone twice now – they are a step away from the regional grand finals of Tug of War: Dire. They should be feeling confident after the recent plays.

Like the opponent, Neon Esports has made a few surprising plays, which allowed the team to reach the first round of finals. The most incredible was the victory over Mineski, as Neon hasn’t won a single map against them ever before.

Witnessing a battle between underdogs is always an entertaining show. Considering that the previous two meet-ups between the teams brought a victory for both, the upcoming matches are going to be especially intriguing. Neon Esports will have our bet, though.

Royal Never Give Up (1.58) vs Invictus Gaming (2.28)

RNG didn’t leave Newbee a chance – the victory was fast and furious confident. The team is actually on the rise and proves it with every match.

Invictus Gaming didn’t have any problems defeating EHOME, constantly progressing through the game. The recent balance changes of the patch 7.22 definitely helped a lot with that.

We’ve initially considered RNG the favourite of the tournament – unlike iG, who had to battle their way through all the rounds of the tournament. We hope though, that the fight is going to be tight and exciting – the icing on the cake called Tug of War: Dire. And RNG has all the chances to taste a piece of it.

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