WePlay Tug of War: Dire Day 1 Results

May 28 2019 4 min read

Read the short post about the results of the first tournament day of the WePlay Tug of War: Dire event. Subscribe for updates and stay tuned.

The first game day of Tug of War: Dire was almost without surprises. Recall that the audience was waiting for a series of four matches:

  • Team Anvorgesa vs Gorillaz Pride 
  • Team Xolotl vs Vega Academy
  • Geek Fam vs EVOS Esports 
  • Invictus Gaming vs Royal

Team Anvorgesa vs Gorillaz-Pride 2:0

A good start from Gorillaz-Pride with Enigma, Mars and Monkey King, but Team Anvorgesa makes some great ganks. Juggernaut solo kills two enemy core heroes, and the game turns into Snowball Gaming. It took twenty-five minutes for the team to "roll out" their opponent on their own base.

Another excellent start from Gorillaz-Pride with Legion Commander and Leshrac on the centre against Sniper and Bloodseeker on the second map. Gorillaz stood well on the lines up to 15 minutes, using duels from LC, but then Bloodseeker gained speed and began to kill. The next frags "pipeline" from Team Anvorgesa went to 23:11, and the map was finished in their favor in 18 minutes.

Team Xolotl vs Vega Academy 2:0

We saw a new Arcana on Earthshaker, and it is beautiful! The Mexican team decided to pick Ursa and Leshrac, and Vega Academy took the unfortunate Mars, for which they paid. Team Xolotl was already 23:3 and 17,000 gold at the 17th minute, breaking the opponent to pieces in all parts of the map. The greedy core-heroes of the younger "sharks" didn't manage to farm an important single item and lost team fights completely.

On the second map, the Mexicans began to press right from the first minutes: Morphling on the centre completely outplayed Ember Spirit, and the duet Rubick + Centaur Warrunner interacted very well with each other on the top line. The scenario of the first map was repeated completely - Vega Academy was methodically destroyed on all fronts.

Geek Fam vs EVOS Esports 0:2

America is falling asleep, Asia is waking up. The legend of the professional scene Mushi against the Indonesian team EVOS Esports. The Chinese veteran goes to the centre line with Monkey King, and his team gets Wraith King and Brewmaster. Geek rivals decide to play with Templar Assassin, Juggernaut and Grimstroke.

The first map turned out to be very tense until EVOS Esports took the first Aegis and began to push the opponent along all lines actively. Geek Fam didn't sustain their own tempo imposed by the draft, resisted for a long time, but after an hour they still lost all their heroes without a buyback and surrendered.

On the second map, EVOS Esports acted far bolder, with a good draft of Templar Assassin, Sven and Sand King. Geek Fam failed to cling to the start, gradually began decrease in the networth and retreat to their base. EVOS Esports finished the game in half an hour, almost twice as fast as the last.

Invictus Gaming vs Royal 2:1

The first map was the most cautious thanks to the draft, with the hope on the late game. A surge of activity came after half an hour of the game when IG took Roshan, and Royal beat out Aegis and made minus four very successfully. Invictus Gaming responded with a lightning-fast counterattack, demolished the upper side and left minimal advantage. The next ten-minute turned into real chaos - fights all over the map, including Roshpit, both teams remained without buybacks for some time. IG seemed to have demolished two sides, but they were mistaken and lost three heroes without a buyback, and then Ancient. A real Chinese DotA is 30 minutes farm and 10 minutes of the endless fight.

Royal counted on Medusa on the second map, and Invictus Gaming responded with a Spectre pick. This character decided the outcome of the confrontation: IG suffered the initial onslaught of the opponent, gave the farm space to its primary weapon and Spectre went to kill the enemies. We were waiting for the third map in the match.

The decisive map the Royal players with Juggernaut and Sven played against Storm Spirit and Lifestealer from Invictus Gaming. The vigorous start with initiations from the "royal" team quickly faded away after Storm Spirit with Clockwerk began to catch enemy heroes. The IG mobile roster allowed them to roam better on the map and rapidly break into the core heroes of the opponent.

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