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Sep 23 2019 4 min read
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One, two, three! Straighten your back!

Gotcha! We burst into your life with the next portion of exercises — after all, a healthy mind is in a healthy body! Last time we learned to work out in front of the monitor while playing CS:GO, and today we are at the beach, so let's and do some sports here! Well, or in your room, because we took care of everything.

Have you seen the torso and muscles of the Anti-Mage? Even Arnold Schwarzenegger will be envy. And all because AM was building his body with the help of a secret monastic technique, and we were able to get it! Here is a list of exercises that should be repeated three times a week.

1. Lakad Matatag!

Let's start with the abs. Lie down on the sand, stretch out, feel yourself — you're on the beach anyways. Let the sunshine nourish your body. Are you ready? Fold your arms over your chest, tear your heels off the ground with your legs crossed. Push yourself upwards, pull your knees to your chest and straighten one hand over your head, and then return to the starting position again. Do 10 times for each hand, repeat twice. This is your fighting spirit growing with your muscles!

2. Highground warding

Set them high to see far. Place two sunbeds (chairs) so you can sit between them. Put your hands on it, raise your legs and stretch out on your hands. To prevent the butthurt because of your team, go up more often than you are given occasions. Do 2 sets of 5-8 times.

3. Pounce

Do you think Slark jumps here and there so easily? Perform a couple of pounces yourself and you will understand. First, take a sitting position, then lie down, and jump up quickly. Try to keep your back straight, as if there was a BKB attached.

4. Charge of Darkness

Barathrum runs using all limbs. Have you seen his hands? More powerful than legs! So let's upgrade them too. Bend your legs a little and lean forward, take a 1.5-liter bottle in your hands (not an empty one!). Spread your arms to the sides and wait a second. Return to starting position. Do 2 sets of 8-12 times.

5. Hard Carry

Do you think it’s easy to carry all these artifacts in the 70th minute? Sure you do! Get up and pick up a box with soft drinks (bag with books, or your backpack). Put one leg a little forward, palms together. Pointing your elbows up, lift the box to the chin.

6. The Dome

Lie on your side, rise on an outstretched arm. Throw the other hand up, as if asking Gabe to get rid of the fools in your team. Stretch like an arc with this hand, as if you are now covering five rivals with your chic Chronoshpere. Then return to the starting position. Repeat this several times for 30 seconds on each side. 

7. Got your back

If you play support, this exercise is for you. Lie down, just put something under your elbows. And keep it like that, holding the bodyweight with the muscles of the abdomen, legs, and arms - but not with the back. Yes, yes, you just look at the floor and wait for the lategame, so you to show off your successes in front of friends. 

8. Ice Wall run

Even the most powerful warrior should have a plan "B". Let's practice running on the spot. Start and throw your legs as far back as possible, try to touch your buttocks with your heels. For greater effect, you can move your hands, as when running. Perform 10 minutes.

Bonus. Waveform

And if you are really somewhere near the beach, you can swim in the water! Swimming is one of the most versatile and energy-intensive sports because almost all muscles are involved, and the cardiovascular system (like your endurance) is developing well. But just do not flounder like silenced Ember Spirit — swim correctly!


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