WePlay Rankings: A New Ranking System

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Ranking Dota 2 top teams

Aren’t you tired of looking at strange, illogical, and unsubstantiated tops and tier-lists of Dota 2 teams? Well, guess what: WePlay has a solution—WePlay Rankings! Meet our own Dota 2 teams rating system! We developed an algorithm and calibrated it to reflect and compare the strength of the teams as fairly as possible. The WePlay ladder has a table and a search by team name (well, of course), but we also added a few more features just in case.

Team Filters

The teams will be shown by name and level (PRO, TNM). This allows you to no longer think about which of the teams with similar names you need now.

Website Sections In One Click

If there’s a ranking system, it has to be connected to the tournaments, to the Media website, and to the WePlay Tournament Platform, right? Get to a page you want just in one click.

More Stats

When you point at a team's score, you’ll see a window in the "Statistics" column. It will help you to find out not only the team's current winrate but also the date of their last match. The information will be updated regularly, and you won’t need to open any additional pages to view it.


Any good rating should have such a section, isn’t that so? WePlay Rankings is no exception. If you have questions about the algorithm, what is WePlay Rankings, etc. – click here and read


Have you noticed a clear ranking error? Don't like the design? Would you like to recommend a feature that will suit great? Just click here! WePlay cares about products, so we read and feel absolutely all the feedback: you can help us improve the ladder. Feel free to contact us!



WePlay Rankings might seem a little simple for now, but this is just the beginning. WePlay plans not only to expand the existing functionality but also to add new disciplines.


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