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Apr 23 2020 3 min read

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Let’s imagine that you are surrounded by tall and broad-shouldered handsome guys dressed as characters of the Guy Ritchie’s recent movie "Gentlemen", wealthy businessmen, shareholders, politicians, first-rate movie stars and famous athletes. Also, this community was founded by, among other things, some kind of a king. Fix your coppola cap and try not to spill the tea on the lapels of your checkered Harris Tweed jacket - most likely, you're in a private club.


Closed or private clubs are another gift to humanity from the United Kingdom. It was there when along with football, classic fish and chips, and the love for a tea, the first meta circle of interests has gathered. The club is a privileged hangout, closed from strangers with its own rules and traditions. At first, only men could enter such communities, but over the time, the laws of bohemians have changed. For example, Queen Elizabeth herself spent time in one of the most famous private clubs in London - “Annabel's”!


Nevertheless, something remains unchanged in the organization of private groups: a random person can't get there. Money, connections, achievements, and social status are powerless here - the right to join and the unique membership card are issued exclusively by the authorized council and the club owners. And here, you see, there is not enough bank account, a diploma on the wall and two characters of 120 level on a PvP server - you need lineage!

We'll try to explain to you the concept of WePlay! Pushka League, the new Dota 2 league from WePlay! Esports. Take the masked charm of a closed club, the United Kingdom's noble entourage of the mid-19th century, and heraldry with lions, lilies, and cannons ("pushka" is a Russian word for cannons) — shaken, not stirred, as requested by another well-known noble movie character, a faithful son of the British Crown, James ... what's his last name?


In a search for inspiration, while we try to create a visual style for WePlay! Pushka League, we considered the industrial revolution, the factory panorama of the beginning of the last century that smelled of machine oil and the weight of formidable weapons created with the latest technology. A conveyor factory, a hot iron foundry, boiling metal - all this is reflected in the symbol of WePlay! Pushka League.


"Pushka" is a massive mechanism made of a durable alloy of crucible steel - is not just a beautiful coat of arms, but the most accurate visual embodiment of the ideas and the general atmosphere of the new regional WePlay! Pushka League.

"We made a heraldic badge, which is based on a real cannon since the slang phrase has no visual representation or image that you can catch on. We wrapped it all in a heraldic sign, in a pattern; all in gold on a deep dark blue background. In our studio, there are elements that have common signs with the concept: coats of arms, old-fashioned fabric, badges, rings. In general, we have a certain element of fun: a modern "gun", but at the same time, due to the visual approach to it as a heraldic sign, everything merged perfectly with the studio's concept."

Ksenia Babankova, WePlay! Esports Art Director 


And, yes, the most important thing is your invitation to a private club from WePlay! Esports.

Learn excerpts from the WePlay! Pushka League code during live streams and strictly follow the Dota rules!

* * *

You can find all the details about the format and prize pool distribution here and following special tag WePlay! Pushka League.


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