WePlay LoL Invitational: Final

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Two teams met on the Fields of Justice having their way to the final through hardest matches.


Yesterday you could watch the grand finale of our WePlay LoL Invitational tournament. Two teams met on the Fields of Justice having their way to the final through hardest matches. These lucky teams were SK Gaming and Intellectual Playground. In the final battle German team perfectly showed its worth by winning three maps in a row.

The first game

Unfortunately, due to the technical problems with server, our commentators were unable to connect to game viewing. But, judging by how quickly the game ended, SK Gaming beat their opponents without any problems.

The second game

Apparently, SK Gaming relaxed much after the first game, expecting for an easy victory. iPG gave a strong resistance during the initial phase of the game. Aggression on the bottom lane brought four kills to Danish team along with the first tower. Time after time, they were catching players of SK Gaming, punishing them for a careless game. It seemed that iPG, like a snowball, was increasing its advantage, but then stage of team battles began.

The first battle immediately brought 5 kills to SK Gaming, reducing the opponent’s preponderance in gold to 1000. After this confrontation SK Gaming completely took the lead. Despite the fact that difference between the teams was only in 2-3 kills, the firmness of German team with which it started all the battles was adamant. Having destroyed Baron and three players of opposing team, SK ended the game on the 33rd minute.

SK Gaming won the game.

The third game

In this game it seemed that iPG understood that they would not overplay SK Gaming. They tried to struggle somehow on their lanes trying to keep towers till the stage of team battles, but pressure of German team was stronger than their desires. SK Gaming’s players completely destroyed their opponents on mid and bottom lanes resulting in a score to 13:3 on the 20th minute. They held only one team battle which brought an ace to the team. iPG had nothing to do except to surrender to the enemy.

SK Gaming won the game.

So, based on the results of the tournament, the prizes are shared as follows:
1st place - SK Gaming - $1 500;
2nd place - Intellectual PLayground - $500;
3-4 places - The RED and Kiedys Mialem Team - 5*Logitech G300.

Thank you for being with us all this time! There will be a lot of new events in the new year, and this tournament is a successful completion of the current one.

Good luck on the Fields of Justice!

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