WePlay LoL Invitational: Final

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WePlay LoL Invitational tournament is coming to its end.

WePlay LoL Invitational tournament is coming to its end. The last stage is ahead – the final, which will determine the best team of the two semi-finalists, defined based on results of previous matches. In the nearest Sunday, December 22, do not miss the final match of the tournament between SK Gaming and Intellectual Playground. Beginning of the match is planned for 17:00 CET.

Many times we talked about both teams in previous announcements. We can only say that if these teams reached the final, so they deserve each other, and it truly will be an interesting confrontation. We just want to remind once again that SK Gaming is in a very good shape now. They won DreamHack Winter 2013 and returned to LCS. In its turn, though Intellectual Playground cannot boast with such achievements, but it’s also a confident and strong team.

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