WePlay League: February, the 4th matches

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A brief information about today matches.

WePlay League Season 3 matches scheduled for February, 4:

[CET time]

14:00 - Mineski VS Team Redemption

15:15 - Mineski VS Team Redemption

17:00 - Vega Squadron VS Team Spirit

18:15 - Natus Vincere VS Team Spirit

20:00 - Wombat Gaming VS Ad Finem      

21:15 - Wombat Gaming VS London Conspiracy       

23:00 - Shazam VS Elite Wolves

00:15 - Infamous VS Digital Chaos

All the up-to-date information about the tournament is available in our Twitter and Facebook; the video content is uploaded to our YouTube channel.

WePlay league Live Stream:


The viewers can support the tournament in two ways:

- Either by purchasing an in-game ticket of WePlay League,

- Or with buying one of the four cosmetic sets created exclusively for WePlay S3, links to buy the sets: Magnus, Sand King, Huskar, Riki.


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