WePlay League EU: changes in participants

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Today we had a couple of changes among the teams participating in WePlay League.

The list of participants of WePlay Leagues European division has changed due to a couple of team disbands.

First of all, team Steak Gaming had withdrawn from our tournament due to the friction between players. Steak Gaming will be replaced by PRIES, which inherit all previous results of Steak Gaming: 1 victory and 2 losses.

Secondly, team Walrus Punch disbanded and was replaced by HellRaisers. The results of Walrus Punch will be also inherited by HellRaisers, which start the tournament with a 0-2 score.

Lastly, according to the twitter of No Logic Gaming, the team officially disbanded yesterday. The team will not be replaced in the tournament, all previous results of NLG will be forfeited.

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