WePlay Hearthstone League Season #1 live report

Nov 16 2015 4 min read
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WePlay Hearthstone League Season #1 live report ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Well, first season of the WePlay.tv league came to it's ending.

Here are our winners:

Xixo (Na'Vi) - $ 2,500
Mr.Yagut - $ 1500
SuperJJ (compLexity) - $ 1,000

Congratulations on successful performance in our league!

We hope you got a lot of positive emotions and were able to fully enjoy quality Hearthstone.

In the near future we will publish a list of the tournament decks. Stay tuned!


Our VKontakte album was filled with a decks of each group stage participant.









You can watch over the most successful creators of this decks today at 19:00EET/ 20:00MSK in live broadcast of the final days of our league.



SuperJJ - Mryagut
Xixo - Ryzen

And now we'll tell you about each of these players in detail.

SuperJJ (compLexity). This guy doesn't give a chance to get his opponents bored and is on a colossal rise this days. He's defeated well-known StanCifka in his first final at Seatstory Cup IV with an impressive score of 5-0, and marked another victory in the Time2Win tournament 3 days ago. Not surprisingly, he went out of the group stage of our tournament as a favorite.

Xixo (Na'Vi). Xixo is a veteran of the card battles compared to the rest of the players who had made it to playoffs.He is widely known for his success in the ladder, as well as playing with the "patron" and "agro"-decks. Runner-up in our final table.

Ryzen (compLexity). This young player is just starting his tournament career. He is known for his play on Rogue, and his basic popularity was acquired through streams. Our league might be his first tournament success! He placed third in the group stage.

Mr.Yagut. As Ryzen, his basic popularity was achieved by his streams and highly successful game onnot the most popular according to the community classes Rogue and Shaman. He headed ladder table last season, and placed fourth in group stage of our league.

You will be able to support players and watch semifinals tomorrow at 19:00EET/20:00MSK


Match day results:

Mr.Yagut 3-1 Xixo
Mr.Yagut 2-3 Ryzen
Mr.Yagut 3-0 Zalae
Eloise 1-3 Zalae
Xixo 3-0 Kaldi

Dear friends! Today we will see final matches of the group stage:

Xixo — Kaldi (18:00EET/19:00MSK)
Zalae — Eloise (18:45EET/19:45MSK)
Mr.Yagut — Zalae (19:30EET/20:30MSK)
Ryzen — Mr.Yagut (20:15EET/21:15MSK)


Match day results:

Kaldi 0-3 Eloise
Eloise 2-3 SuperJJ
SuperJJ 3-0 JustSaiyan
JustSaiyan 3-0 Zalae

4 league matches will be played on Saturday, December, 5th:

Kaldi — Eloise (16:00EET/17:00MSK)
Eloise — Super_JJ (17:00EET/18:00MSK)
Super_JJ — Super_Saiyan (18:00EET/19:00MSK)
Super_Saiyan — Zalae (19:00EET/20:00MSK)


Match day results:

Kaldi 0-3 Eloise
Eloise 2-3 SuperJJ
SuperJJ 3-0 JustSaiyan
JustSaiyan 3-0 Zalae

Today we will see 4 matches, which means a lot of Hearthstone to our watchers!

Super_JJ - Xixo (19:00EET/20:00MSK)
Super_Saiyan - Ryzen (19:45EET/20:45MSK)
Kaldi - Ryzen (20:30EET/21:30MSK)
Mr.Yagut - Xixo (21:15EET/22:15MSK)


Match day results:

Kaldi 3-1 JustSaiyan
Kaldi 1-3 Super_JJ
Zalae 3-1 Super_JJ

Today the final games of the fourth round will be held, after which the players of our league will be allowed to make adjustments to their decks. In the next round you will be able to see the latest deck from the professionals!
Today's matches are:

Kaldi — JustSaiyan (19:00EET/20:00MSK)
Kaldi — Super_JJ (20:00EET/21:00MSK)
Zalae — Super_JJ (21:00EET/22:00MSK)



Match day results:

Xixo 3-1 Zalae
Ryzen 3-0 Zalae
Xixo 3-0 Ryzen

Next matches will be played on December, 2.


Dear friends! We are pleased to announce that we're back! We will go live tonight with the following matches:

Zalae - Xixo (19:00EET/20:00MSK)
Xixo - Ryzen (20:00EET/21:00MSK)
Zalae - Ryzen (21:00EET/22:00MSK)


Dear Hearthstone fans! Due to the fact that Dreamhack Winter 2015 will take place in Sweden from Thursday to Sunday and the majority of our WePlay Hearthstone League Season 1 players are invited to take part in it, this week games will be transferred at a later time.

Stay tuned for updates!



Today is the first battle day for some new players. Let's see what are they made of.

Ryzen — Super_JJ (19:00EET/20:00MSK)
Mr.Yagut — Kaldi (20:00EET/21:00MSK)
Kaldi — Zalae (21:00EET/22:00MSK)



Match day results and video:

JustSaiyan 0:3 Eloise
Mr.Yagut 3:1 Eloise
Xixo 3:1 JustSaiyan

Here's list of today's matches:
JustSaiyan — Eloise (19:00EET/20:00MSK)
Mr.Yagut — Eloise (20:00EET/21:00MSK)
Xixo — JustSaiyan (21:00EET/22:00MSK)


We expect a very interesting match betweeb Mr.Yagut and JustSaiyan (Tempo Storm). Guys will play the opening match and we hope they will give us a lot of emotions. Start at 19:30EET/20:30MSK

Super Sayan opens tournament with tremendous victory over Mr.Yagut with score of 3-0.

For those who've missed this game - it's replay is available on our YouTube channel.

The group stage starts on November 16, and finishes on December, 4. It will determine, who will compete in the play-offs on December, 9.

For this season we have decided to invite 8 professional players, who will be placed into a single group to battle in round robin format. The top four players will move to the play-off stage. All matches will be played in BO, Last Hero Standing format with one ban.

Invited players:

Eloise (Tempo Storm)
Kaldi (Tempo Storm)
SuperSaiyan (Tempo Storm)
Super_JJ (compLexity)
Ryzen (compLexity)
Xixo (Na’Vi)
Zalae (Team Archon)

Prize pool of the tournament - $5,000.


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