WePlay Esports and USYK-17 PROMOTIONS present Ultimate Boxing Night

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Ultimate Boxing Night fight card features boxers from Ukraine, Great Britain, Hungary, and Belarus.

Esports and sports are close relatives, isn't it? Grind, fight, win or lose. Punch buttons or punch faces. Stay cool or let your anger boil and scald your enemy with it. Both participants and viewers are full of emotions. Did you think WUFL is only about fighting computer games? Not really! Check this out.

WePlay Esports and the cruiserweight boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk on behalf of USYK-17 PROMOTIONS announced the Ultimate Boxing Night. The event will be broadcast from the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv.

Boxers from Ukraine, Great Britain, Hungary, and Belarus will participate in the ranking fight night, to be held on April 10.

The Fight Card of the night is as follows:

Fight card

  • Serhii Huk (Lviv, UA / 3-0, 3 KO) vs Andrii Rudenko (Kyiv, UA / 0-1, 0 KO) -- 4 ROUNDS, 63,5 KG
  • Miroslav Ishchenko (Kherson, UA / Debut) vs Alexander Benidze (Kyiv, UA / 13-28-3, 6 KO) -- 4 ROUNDS, 69,9 KG 
  • Robert Marton (Kharkiv, UA / Debut) vs Paata Aduashvili (Gori, GE / 10-29-3, 6 KO) -- 4 ROUNDS, 90,7 KG
  • Zak Chelli (London, GB / 9-1-1, 4 KO) vs Bohdan Harkavyi (Oleksandriia, UA / 4-2, 1 KO) -- 6 ROUNDS, 76,2 KG 
  • Sean Fennell (Manchester, GB / 7-1, 1 KO) vs Nadzir Bakhshiev (Borisov, BY / 6-11-3, 0 KO) -- 8 ROUNDS, 61,2 KG  


  • Daniel Lapin (Kyiv, UA / 3-0, 0 KO) vs Atilla Koros (Salgatarjan, HU / 16-22 1, 12 KO) -- 6 ROUNDS, 79,4 KG 


  • Tsotne Rogava (Odesa, UA / Debut) vs Petar Mrvalj (Metkovic, HR / 9-14, 5 KO) -- 4 ROUNDS, 90,7+


  • Ramil Gadzhyiev (Odesa, UA / 11-1-1, 7 KO) vs Ivan Murashkin (Borisov, BY / 6-6-1, 2 KO) -- 8 ROUNDS, 76,2KG

The Arena is getting really hot today! WePlay and USYK-17 PROMOTIONS bring WUFL to reality. Join the stream at 2:00 pm ET to watch real boxers fight each other in rating matches. 

Bonus: Our Tekken casters will cover the live-action for you!

Watch Ultimate Boxing Night here:

WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Twitch channel  https://twitch.tv/weplayufl

XSPORT TV-channel – https://xsport.ua/

DAZN – https://www.dazn.com/home

USYK17 YouTube Channel – https://youtube.com/c/USYK17

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