WePlay Dragon Temple Day 2: Tekken Master Flawless, MK Azerbaijan Dazzles

Dec 13 2020 5 min read

It seems that Tekken Master and Foxy Grampa are on a collision course for the WePlay Dragon Temple grand finals

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Day 2 is done! And at the top of the table is Tekken Master which is hardly a surprise. Just like Foxy Grampa, he was able to win all of his games, and at the moment, these two look like the strongest in the tournament and it is difficult to see past them as grand finalists. 

However, the real interest was what happened below. Grr took the second spot, losing only to Tekken Master, but it was not an easy ride and he was given a run for his money in many of the matches he played. The real MVP however, was MK_Azerbaijan. The Team Mystery fighter wowed viewers with some incredible Rain play and with 4 wins, really showed what he was about. 

The last slot was the one of real interest as Dubasik and Dizzy TT had to play a tie-breaker match to see who got the last spot. Dubasik prevailed, therefore, we'll see the Russian native strut his stuff later today.

Let's see how each player did individually.

Tekken Master

The EVO finalist showed his incredible skills as he took out opponent after opponent in the calmest manner possible. Tekken Master has never been much of a flashy player, but he does the basics remarkably well. Apart from that, his ability to use several characters made it impossible for opponents to read him. However, his main choice was Sheeva, whether this was inspired by Foxy Grampa yesterday is unknown, but, at this point, there can be no arguments about how good Sheeva is because she is insane!


Grr is one of the favorites for this tournament and you could see why after watching him play. His masterful usage of Geras was such a joy to watch. That said, he did struggle sometimes but as the night went on, he only got stronger and stron[ger(as)] (I know, that was a bad joke). He did finish in the most pleasing fashion though, a Fatality!


MK_Azerbaijan came into the tournament as something of a dark horse. Before this tournament, we hadn't really had a chance to see him compete, but by the end of the night, it became clear that MK_Azerbaijan is certainly going to be a player to watch. 

On the first night in the team pocket klash, he used Sheeva (see what I mean?) to great effect and during the group games, his Rain was a constant problem for opponents. His aggression was impossible to deal with as he hit foes with constant waves of water while switching sides and leaving them with very few options. I reckon he'll be the dark horse of the top 8.


Dubasik is one of the best players in Europe and arguably the flashiest player in this tournament. Unfortunately, his commitment to attack meant that he was pretty vulnerable on defense. His Kabal fought with flair and panache. Lots of jumps, sleek combos, and so much more. But, it was painfully easy to check against some opponents. For instance, his match against Infinity exposed so many of his flaws and some patient play was enough to leave him gasping for air. 

That said, he still managed to squeak through the group, thanks to a tie-breaking win against Dizzy, so maybe he'll be able to check some of his errors in time for the playoffs

Dizzy TT

Dizzy started the night looking like he was going to go the way of Hadoken, but he started to get it back especially in his game against 2ez where he showed incredible resilience to win the match. He was able to follow it up with a pretty impressive win against Infinitii, but earlier performances came back to haunt him. 

He had one final chance to move on to top 8 with his tie-breaking match against Dubasik, but again, he was unable to finish things up. Therefore, his journey in the WePlay Dragon Temple is over, but he showed some brilliant flashes and we hope to see him in subsequent tournaments.


Before the Dragon Temple tournament, 2ez took a little break from Mortal Kombat and focused on other games. Once the tournament got underway, he practiced his ass off, but is it possible that his time off may have made him a little rusty? Maybe not, but he had something of a difficult night. He was able to win a couple of games, but his loss at the hands of MK_Azerbaijan was a little surprising, not because it was an upset, but due to the manner in which it happened. 

He then took Ls against Tekken Master and Dubasik and was only able to manage a win against Infinitii. With that, he crashed out of the tournament, but he'll take this as a learning experience and do better going forward.


Infinitii was the only female contestant in this tournament and she was pretty close to making it into top 8. While everyone expected to see her come out with Sonya, or maybe even Mileena, she stuck with Jade. Her first match was a loss against Grr which was so close but for some little errors that cost her eventually. She more than held her own against Dubasik, checking his air dashes with relative ease. However, she lost rather disappointingly to 2ez. While she performed admirably against her other tournaments, it was not enough to make it into the playoffs. 

You can check out the full results below.

We're super excited to see the tournament come to an end tonight!

Who've you got to win the whole thing?


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