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Dec 11 2020 2 min read

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Let's imagine you got to NetherRealm. And you're a decent fighter among the strongest ones in the whole Universe. One serious problem — you're mortal and have to fight to the death with those cunning and wise opponents.

The first thing you'll meet is Kyiv's cold weather because it's winter here in Ukraine, and Sub-Zero will highly appreciate such a welcoming climate. 

"One more time, Hanzo?" — he asked after noticing the main entrance through the prism of MK11 vision and added — "It will end today."

WePlay designers' imagination about WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv
WePlay designers' imagination about WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv

You and the participants enter WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv and notice the eastern atmosphere around you. You like this Earthrealm with beautiful decorations that reminds you of the traditional and so close to your heart of the fighter arenas in the game. 

WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv during the WePlay Dragon Temple event

But don’t be distracted and stay focused because the battle is in the future.

Fourteen of the strongest opponents all around the world came here to become the one and only victorious warrior.

Hayatei at WePlay Dragon Temple 2020 MK11 tournament

The mighty Outworld’s Emperor will be watching you, and you can’t be humiliated in front of him and thousands of online viewers. Yes, you won’t see any live emotions of fans in the arena, except yours’ and your opponents’. It’s the Covid period, you know.

Along with the Emperor, seven famous commentators, sorry, Elder Gods will be commenting on your moves and decisions. 

Big D, Mr Aquaman and Kitana Prime at WePlay Dragon Temple 2020 MK11 tournament

Choose your character wisely; it’ll help you in the way to the main prize — $60,000 and the title of Earthrealm champion. It’s a solid prize that is worth your blood.  

Unleash the dragon flame and start a battle that fires up your heart and muscles, fighter. Don’t let the enemies say about you such phrases as, “You will be the victim, mortal.

The Elder Gods won’t give you any mercy if you won’t show them your strength. 

* * *

You can find all the details about the tournament on this page and follow the special tag WePlay Dragon Temple.


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