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Good day, dear friends!  From the 6th to 12th May will be held the final stage of WePlay.TV Dota2 League.


Good day, dear friends!  From the 6th to 12th May will be held the final stage of WePlay.TV Dota2 League. The best eight teams will fight for the prize pool of 10.000$ in cash and 10.000$ in prizes. The system of play-off is double elimination. The format of matches - Best of Three (grand final - Best of Five).


WePlay Dota2 League consists of three stages: two group stages and playoffs. With each new stage the number of teams is reduced by half. The hallmark of our league is an unique system, which is more fair, interesting and convenient, than others. The prize pool of the first season of WPL is 20.000$. The English coverage of the tournament is provided by Beyond the Summit studio. If you prefer to watch Dota2 matches in Dota2TV, you can buy our ticket in Dota2 Store only for 3.99$.


Prize pool:

1 place: 5000$ + 1500$*
2 place: 2500$ + 1500$*
3 place: 1200$ + 1000$*
4 place: 1500$*
5-6 place: 1000$*
7-8 place: 500$*

* - In prizes from Logitech


In the first group stage of WPL took part 32 teams from Europe and America. Than, 16 teams were advanced to the second group stage, according their results in the first one. As a result of the second group stage, 8 teams will take part in the play-off stage. The draw you can find below.


Monday - 6.05.13 

17:30 CET - 

Mousesports vs. 

20:00 CET - 

Fnatic.Eu vs. 

Tuesday - 7.05.13 

17:00 CET - 

Natus Vincere vs. 
Evil Geniuses

20:00 CET - 

Alliance vs. 

Wednesday - 9.05.13 

17:00 CET - First round of the loser's bracket. Match 1

20:00 CET - First round of the loser's bracket. Match 2

Thursday - 9.05.13 

17:00 CET - Second round of the winner's bracket. Match 1

20:00 CET -  Second round of the winner's bracket. Match 2


Friday - 10.05.13 

17:00 CET - Second round of the loser's bracket. Match 1

20:00 CET - Second round of the loser's bracket. Match 2

Saturday - 11.05.13 

17:00 CET - Third round of the loser's bracket.

20:00 CET - Winner's bracket final.

Sunday - 12.05.13 

17:00 CET - Loser's bracket final.

20:00 CET - Grand final.

Interactive bracket link.

Teams' rosters:

Liquid: FLUFFNSTUFF, ixmike88, TC, Bulba, Korok
Evil Geniuses: Maelk, Fear, DeMoN, Jeyo, bdiz
Dignitas: Fogged, Aui_2000, Sneyking, Waytosexy, Universe
Alliance: s4, AdmiralBulldog, Akke, Loda, EGM
Mousesports: FATA-, Black^, Alex, paS-, qojqva
Fnatic.EU: H4nn1, Fly, Era, N0tail, Trixi
Kaipi: pieliedie, bOne7, Zizou, ArisE, EternalEnvy
Natus Vincere: Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Kuroky



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