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We are pleased to announce the start of the Winter season among SemiPro teams

Autumn season of the Dota 2 tournament by WePlay.tv, Inno3D & Logitech just have ended. Prize pool was an impressive  Most recently ended tournament of the fall  for Dota 2 by WePlay.tv supported by Inno3D and Logitech, which has been played over 200.000 WP and $ 3600!

Thanks to the active support among the players and spectators from Dota 2 community, it was decided not to stop there, and we are pleased to announce the start of the Winter season among SemiPro teams. Prize pool for this time: $ 3600 and 283.500 WP!

The tournament will be held in a format similar to the previous season:

  • 1v1 in the "Solo Mid" game mode - every Monday and Tuesday.
  • 3v3 in the "Random Draft" game mode - every Thursday and Friday.
  • 5v5 in the "Captains Mode" game mode - every Saturday and Sunday.

Good luck!

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