WePlay! Dota 2 Valentine Madness: Winstrike vs Team Empire

Feb 11 2019 3 min read

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Winstrike and Team Empire figured out the relationship in the second match of the current tournament day. Jaroslav Komkov’s team had a replacement: Nemiga Astral took the yamich’s place. Changes in the roster affected the whole result: Team Empire easily did a winning series.

The first game

Team Empire picked up a sturdy Doom, easy-going Weaver and Medusa in the midlane. Winstrike opposed Pugna, Tiny, Keeper of the Light and Shadow Shaman, and Lifestealer took the Core position.

Winstrike began the game with aggression and quickly destroyed the first line of rival fortifications. Even though Team Empire was more successful in the early battles, the advantage in net worth was on the side of ex-”Fly to Moon”. However, Winstrike couldn’t keep the lead in the net worth graphs. Scattered movements and failed fights deprived the team of combat capability. This statement was confirmed in a decisive battle for Roshan on the 30th minute. Team Empire was able to take Aegis, and Medusa with two lives destroyed the opposing team. Kodos- got Eye of Skadi and with the support of the team destroyed all three lines of the opponent. Further resistance proved useless, and Winstrike admitted defeat on the first map.

The second game

Winstrike again favoured Lifestealer, complementing the draft with Shadow Fiend, Abaddon, Lich and Earth Spirit. Team Empire relied on the contactless combat technique: they picked Grimstroke, Pangolier and Beastmaster to complete Luna’s choice as the base.

The teams repeated the script of the first map. The score showed the Team Empire complete domination, while Winstrike had the advantage at net worth. Iceberg and the team lost the next battle on the top line on the 20th minute, exchanging four heroes for one enemy support. Team Empire freely beat out Roshan, destroyed the upper Tier 3 and came forward by 8 thousand net worth. The next fight was decisive for Winstrike: the teams faced in the centre of the map on the 32nd minute. Team Empire was able to realise the accumulated advantage fully. Winstrike had to spend the buybacks, but the fate of the map and the series was already decided. Team Empire did a complete and undeniable win.

Team Empire easily reached the next round of the Upper Bracket. But the Winstrike team is forced to look for their game in the Lower Bracket.

Enjoy the next game between Na'Vi and Vega Squadron!


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