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The year 1917. The WW1 turned half of Europe into ruins, while the rest of the world is tired of supplying troops and recourses for the war effort.

A sturdy sergeant Cema who commanded a platoon in the Eastern front had no illusions regarding his future. By the way things went, he knew he would most likely end up dead or wounded (which is worse with the current state of the medical service) within a month.

One time before a night raid Cema found himself thinking about strange rumors he had heard recently - people were vanishing. A soldier would disappear, and only the weapon stayed in the place where he used to be. The officers didn’t take the reports about the vanishing troops seriously, calling those incidents simple desertion. On the Eastern front, weapons were much harder to get than people, and no one cared if some soldiers managed to sneak out, leaving their arms behind.

After a couple of minutes of pondering, Cema decided that those vanishing soldiers were deserters indeed, and their fellows were just covering up the comrades. A depressing thought passed in the head of Cema, “Damn, if the cowards flee our ranks, the war will kill only the good men.

An officer gave a “go-go” to start the raid, and Cema led his troops into battle. But as soon as the first shots were fired, the Seargent felt the rifle falling from his arms. Suddenly, everything went bleak and became ghost-like. “Have I been shot and I’m dead now?” - Cema thought calmly - “I hope the platoon doesn’t perish pointlessly without the commander.

The Sergeant suddenly stopped seeing and hearing things around him and felt the sensation of flying. Soon after that, all senses just stopped working for a while, until he found himself lying on a forest ground among unfamiliar trees. “Where am I? What’s happened to me?” - Cema said out loud.

Neither of those questions matter since you are about to die,” - said Satyr Banisher that was standing nearby. The creature pulled out a knife with a red blade and started approaching Cema.

Fortunately for Cema, he became a Sergeant for all the right reason, and the military skill kicked in just in time. He tore the helmet from his head and threw it in Satir’s throat as hard as he could. The enemy fell with a low shriek, dropping the knife to the ground. Without wasting time, Cema picked up the weapon and used it to stab the Satyr with a powerful thrust in the chest.

A spirit came right out of the mortal wound in the chest of Satyr and started talking to Cema, who was frantically trying to make sense of what was happening.

— Many warriors from your world came before you, and they all fell victim to this vile beast. For avenging the comrades and ridding the world of this vermin, you now have the right to be called The Slayer. This is not the end of your road though, you will have to gather a unit of five warriors from your world and become the champion of Radiant.

I don’t really know or care about your Radiant,” - said CemaTheSlayer - “But if there are other soldiers from my world around here, I’ll take good care of them.”

The spirit said nothing to that and flew away. CemaTheSlayer started exploring the forest and soon found the camp of the defeated Satyr Banisher. It lied near a cave, full of treasures and deadly weapons, which made Sergeant realize he was now both rich and armed. “That’s a hell of a promotion” - the ex-Sergeant thought.

The forest was full of wild animals, and CemaTheSlayer found it easy to fill his belly. In a week at the same place where he emerged, another man in solder’s uniform turned up. His name was Zayac, and he also was teleported right out of battle. Later other soldiers came in - Naive-, Ceyler and finally Ghostik.

CemaTheSlayer explained what happened when he came here to them all, and that in the future they were supposed to become the champions of Radiant.

Ok Sergeant, if this Radiant thing keeps my belly full, I’ll be its champion” - said Ghostik, when he heard CemaTheSlayer’s story.

The soldiers spent a couple of weeks in the woods, then gathered the weapons and as many valuables as they could carry and moved out. They soon found a road leading to Redmaw, a city where they eventually traded some sapphires for horses and became swords for hire.

Soon everyone from Roseleaf to Lormount knew about the company of sellswords who called themselves The Pango, as both rich and extraordinary skillful warriors.

A couple of years later they felt the irresistible call of the Mad Moon and knew that it’s time to become the champions of Radiant. This is how The Pango began their journey at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Radiant.

You can find the stream channel, the official bracket and the Tug of War: Radiant news feed HERE.


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