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Feb 22 2019 3 min read

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For an Empire to live and flourish, its inhabitants must feel the power. Team Empire has taken part in many conquests from time immemorial. Historians and chroniclers praised the feats of brave soldiers in the battles of Manila and Seattle, Kiev and Columbus, Paris and Berlin.

"War is the business of the young." The Empire forces lost many experienced and skilled fighters during the unsuccessful Vancouver campaign. General StrangeR and colonel Korb3n pondered the difficult question: can they find new, talented “blood”, that will be able to disrupt the plans of all enemies and show the world’s ambitions of the nation.

Their thoughtfulness was interrupted by a messenger arriving from the Mistmill steppe. 

“Captains! I hasten to report: I managed to find a talented steward! He calls himself BLACKARXANGEL. He is extremely talented in managing the harvest in the fields!”

A nondescript, seemingly ordinary person entered the office.

“Sit down, don’t be shy!" - Korb3n took out a chessboard and began to arrange the figures. “Do you understand why you are here?” The Empire needs you! ”

“But I never held a weapon in my hands ...”

“War is not just who will kill whom. War is the strategy and tactic in the first place. I’m convinced that many battles can be won beforehand especially if you have a talented team. By the way, check!”

Several sheets of paper appeared on the table along with these words. BLACKARXANGEL began to study them carefully:

  1. Sayuw. The master of improvisation. He thinks quickly, and able to think unconventionally. Sometimes his solutions are too nonstandard. He’s not afraid to go ahead, but it’s not always possible to calculate all the risks.
  2. Maden. He helped his relatives in Pinelyn for most of his life, but he discovered a talent to attract everyone’s attention recently. He’s relentless, patient, calm, and self-sufficient.
  3. Kodos. He’s the fast, active and deadliest fighter. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and Chaos is his element.
  4. Dream ’. He’s calm and thorough. If he starts something to learn, he won’t stop until he knows even the smallest nuances. He’s capable of very high results even if it requires more time. 

“We believe that five of you can achieve very high results! We'll take care of this!” - said Korb3n with a smirk. - “I’m waiting for you on the training field tomorrow. We’ll make the team from all of you!”

Three months have passed since then, preparation was carried out gradually, but suddenly a fallen crystal violated all the plans.

All five soldiers were called to headquarters. General StrangeR announced: 

“Gentlemen, the most important mission is entrusted to you! You have to get the power crystal. During a shaky truce, none of the countries will lead their large armies. Our scouting reported that other countries have already sent their special units to get the artefact. Your task is to get it at any cost! Operation Radiant begins immediately!”

The team looked at the map. They had three days to go to the point of arrival. Need to spend this time with maximum benefit. The war for the crystal is about to begin ...

You can find the stream channel, the official bracket and the Tug of War: Radiant news feed HERE.


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