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Feb 22 2019 4 min read

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The thief nicknamed syndereN crept along the eaves of a small bank located in a tiny farming town. An experienced robber knew that such banks were poorly guarded, but he could have been lucky with the loot: the year was fruitful, and the farmers gladly carried their earnings to the bank. SyndereN easily reached the small balcony, silently opened the door and slipped inside. The main vault with a safe was on the second floor and was guarded by a single watchman, whom the thief had turned off from the game with a dart with a horse dose of a tranquilliser.

“I'll take the money and get over with it, I swear,” thought syndereN, intently listening to the safe door and turning the lock’s wheel. The thief didn’t hear the slight rustle of shoes, carried away by his “work”, and reacted too late. The stun gun cracked, and the unlucky bank robber instantly lost consciousness.

“Why are you doing this, syndereN? You served in the police, and you can frighten children with a list of criminals caught by you,” - the voice from the darkness was calm and confident.

“What the heck? What do you know about me?” - the prisoner desperately tried to tighten the time and slightly loosen the grip of the rope that tied his hands behind his back.

“We have a file on you, boy. We have been hunting for you for a long time, and you won’t leave until you have completed the mission for us.”

“Of course, I’m listening!” - the thief was happy to get out of captivity quickly, but the owner of the voice seemed to read his thoughts.

Click! - and the bracelet closed on the syndereN’s wrist.

“It’ll show us where you are at any moment. If you disobey, the bracelet will give you a lethal injection. You can search for the antidote, but you can hardly find it. If you try to take it off, it will be the same. It’s up to you to decide: to die as a thief or stay alive and get a chance to start from scratch.”

The former cop had no choice but to agree and listen to the stranger’s demands. After hearing to the story, he shook his head for a long time, trying to fit a fantastic story in his mind.

“Another dimension? Mad Moon? Radiant? Are you out of your mind or what?”

SyndereN calmed down only after he was shown the portal: a flash of flickering pearl light in which vague shadows twinkled. The newly mercenary was entrusted to assemble a detachment of the same former soldiers, cops and strong guys who were forced to earn their bread by dishonest methods. So he met DkPhobos, oliver, Nine and Biver.

Oliver served in S.W.A.T., interceded for a comrade in front of a greedy and cowardly commander, was expelled from the army and, by the will of fate, joined the team of mercenaries who were not afraid of dirty work. Nine worked in the German CIA division. An informant betrayed him and forced to go underground quickly. DkPhobos was a policeman in Ukraine, caught the influential rich man’s son at murder and didn’t take bribe, putting the criminal in the jail. DkPhobos was fired from his department a month later. He shot a treacherous bastard and fled abroad. Biver worked as a doctor. He volunteered in Africa and was forced to hide after a military coup in the country, illegally performing surgical operations.

The detachment was given the code name "Kaban". The earth laws didn’t work in the new world, and they had to arm with medieval weapons - swords, axes and bows. The fighters were supplied with an original legend, turning them into the guardians of the goddess Nyctasha, and one by one they were transported through the portal.

SyndereN and comrades were in The Hoven, near the Bleeding Hills. They settled in the local temple and began to wait for the signal. They’re waiting for the battle for the champion’s title of WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Radiant.

You can find the stream channel, the official bracket and the Tug of War: Radiant news feed HERE.


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