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Feb 21 2019 3 min read

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When it all began, fng was on his quest to Pinelyn. The high priest of Stonehall told the brave knight to search for a town to the west of the city, and rescue it from the Oglodi oppression. Helping the town would redeem fng, who shamed himself by a drunken brawl in a tavern.

During his travel, when the first houses of Misthill were seen on the horizon, a powerful wind blew into fng's face and almost threw the warrior from his horse. Then the light suddenly disappeared and all fng could see was a was a red five-pointed star with white edges. The knight heard a mighty voice saying he was chosen to fight in a battle, that would reshape the history of all known races. He would need to forge an alliance with four other fighters and become as one with them.

He would recognize the other four warriors by a red ribbon with a five-pointed sign tied to their right elbow.

The star disappeared, and fng noticed that he had a ribbon with the sign on his elbow as well. Since there was no instruction about what to do next, fng decided to finish his current quest and started moving towards Misthill.

In the local tavern, he met Afoninje, another knight returning from his pilgrimage to the Northern Lands. It turned out that the red ribbon materialized on Afoninje's elbow three days ago and he didn't know what it meant. As soon as fng told the new companion about his vision, Afoninje decided to join him in the current quest.

Next day the heroes stumbled upon a circus caravan and saw a huge man with a red ribbon, marked by the five-pointed star. His name was AfterLife, and he was one of the strongest people on the continent. Once fng and Afoninje explained the meaning of the ribbon to him, AfterLife decided to resign from the circus and join the knights.

A couple of weeks later the company reached the town they needed to rescue. The first thing they saw upon entering that town was a man tied to a pole. The warriors asked the man, what was happening, and he said, "I wanted to organize a raid against the Oglodi, to make them stop terrorizing the town but my people are too afraid of retaliation, and they put me here in case I attempted the attack by myself.”

At that point, Afoninje noticed the tell-tale ribbon on the man's elbow and understood, that they've just met another companion. After a brief conversation with the town elder, the brave man, whose name was Immersion, joined the group and went to the camp of the Oglodi.

The battle between the heroes and the Oglodi was fierce. The warriors received multiple wounds, but the Oglodi were defeated. The last Oglodi warrior with a giant mace almost killed Afoninje, who barely dodged the strike. AfterLife threw the foe to the ground and started wrestling. When Afoninje regained his balance, he saw the mace lying on the ground and a red ribbon tied to it.

"He has the ribbon, just like us," said Afoninje to the dismay of both the heroes and the remaining enemy. The battle ended at that moment, and the Oglodi named Daxak [pronounced as 'dakhak'] became the fifth warrior of Gambit.

The company stuck together and finished many quests. One day, fng had another vision from the five-pointed star, saying that they had to become the champions of Radiant. This is how their story at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Radiant begins.

You can find the stream channel, the official bracket and the Tug of War: Radiant news feed HERE.


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