WePlay! Dota 2 Reshuffle Madness: Open Qualifiers format

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WePlay! Dota 2 Reshuffle Madness: Open Qualifiers format

Have you prepared your swimsuits?

As you already know, WePlay! continues its tournament tradition (almost like OG, who wins The International every year).

The new summer Reshuffle Madness tournament has already been announced! 

The championship starts on Monday, September 21, and runs until next Monday, September 28. Twenty teams in total will take part in the tournament.

The prize pool is $ 50,000.

Now for the fun part! Eight out of twenty main event slots will go to the teams who win the Open Qualifiers (or as we call them — Last Minute Holiday Packages). Time has come to fill out a visa application form!


  • Open Qualifiers have four pools; 

  • Each pool is a separate one-day tournament for 64 teams

  • All the matches will be played in best of 1 format;

  • Semi-finals and Finals are best of 3;

  • Two winners from every pool get a slot at the Main Event.


Open Qualifiers start on September 6  

Each pool is played throughout one day. 

Special rules:

  1. One team can apply for participation in one pool only. It is forbidden to register in multiple pools at once or in advance. When a team is eliminated from one pool, it may register for the next one;

  2. The main WePlay! Discord server will have individual channels for each pool (RM Qualifier # 1, 2, 3, 4). If a team participates in a pool, at least one of its representatives must be on the specified pool channel. The channel access will be granted via the roles that the administration assigns to the team representatives (also, you can get the access via  #roles channel on the Discord server);

  3. Selection to the final pool will be held according to the results of the previous pools. The teams eliminated during the semi-finals and finals will be given priority access to the fourth Qualifier pool.

Reshuffle Madness rules (from Open Qualifiers to the main event) can be found here.

Hurry up to apply, and WePlay! will prolong your hot summer!

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