WePlay! Clutch Island Video Interviews Compilation

Jun 30 2020 2 min read

WePlay! Clutch Island Video Interviews Compilation ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

WePlay! Clutch Island has just finished and NAVI has claimed the title of the strongest team on the Island. But besides the amazing Counter-Strike we have seen at the tournament, besides the drama, risks and glorious moments, there was a lot of things that you might have missed. For example, there's a separate WePlay! CS:GO YouTube channel where we post all the highlights just after the matches are finished. Or, we made a huge text interview with Virtus.pro rising star YEKINDAR.

Speaking about interviews, almost every game day had some right after the games. Our analysts had calls with players or coaches to discuss CS, recent maps or any other stuff. The first one who got in contact with was NAVI's BoombI4. This guy is just awesome. 

NAVI Boombl4 Video Interview

The next player to attend our desk was Syman Gaming's Sanzhar "neaLaN" Iskhakov. 

NeaLaN Video Interview

After that, we had NAVI's B1AD3, who wasn't even thinking of winning the tournament in the end. 

B1AD3 Video Interview

Being a newcomer to the team is never easy, but YEKINDAR was in a good mood.

YEKINDAR Video Interview

The next day Hobbit visited us to speak out. 

Hobbit Video Interview

Somedieyoung was a bit shy at the beginning but made a great one here.

Somedieyoung Video Interview

After NAVI has beaten Virtus.pro on their way to the Grand Final, Flamie came to say some things that were in his head. 

Flamie Video Interview

And the last interview there was, B1AD3 visited us once again after the Grand Final! 

B1AD3 Video Interview

Bonus — Backstage Video! It was a great journey to the Island, so if you would like to see what happened behind the scenes, go watch!

WePlay! Clutch Island Backstage

That's all! Follow our YouTube channels to get all the new videos as soon as we post them and make sure you are subscribed to our socials — Twitter, CS:GO Twitter and Instagram!


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