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Second RMR Tournament on the way to Rio Major!

Did you hear the gong’s sound? Usually, it means that the time for some game-changers has come. And, well, we have something to announce! WePlay! Esports is proud to present WePlay! Clutch Island — the second RMR Series tournament to be held just before the main tournament of the year. You might have already guessed by the name: we’re travelling to an uninhabited island of dangers, spiced with the scorching sun, with hot sand and palm trees surrounding us from all sides. Can the best CIS teams survive in such extreme conditions?

WePlay! Clutch Island participants will fight for a prize pool of $50,000, but in this case, the money is not the main reason to take part. The Island will provide teams with RMR rating points, so they can reach Rio 2020

The tournament will be held from June 16 to June 28, 2020. It could be one’s main clutch. It could be one’s last ‘weak knees’ feeling. It could be the hardest and the greatest trial of one’s life. It will be Survival of the fittest.


The tournament will be divided into several stages. Each of them will be filled with top-notch matches, so stock up your free time, and prepare the deck chairs and exotic drinks. We’re going to have an amazing time together!

Open Qualifiers

As in previous Valve official tournaments, anyone can take their chance to get into esports. There are three days of Open Qualifiers coming up next week: the teams will determine who will grab one of the three slots to get into the next stage of WePlay! Clutch Island. Any team from the CIS region is allowed to participate in Open Qualifiers.

OQs will start each day (8-10 June) at 16:00 CEST. All matches are played in bo1 format except for the Grand Final which is bo3.

The registration will become available very soon and will be opened until 15:00 CEST each day of Open Qualifiers.

Here are the links to join Open Qualifiers: 

  1. Link #1
  2. Link #2
  3. Link #3

Closed Qualifiers

Closed Qualifiers include five teams placing 6th-10th in the RMR rating (they will receive direct invites) and the three teams from the Open Qualifiers.

The teams will be divided into two groups to be held in GSL format. The two best teams from each group will proceed to the final group to determine the next stage participants: only three of them will survive.

An additional match will be held between the teams that took third place in each group to determine the owner of the tenth prize.

Main Stage

The teams placed 1st-5th in the RMR ranking (which is five teams) will be invited to the main part of the tournament. Also, don’t forget the three Closed Qualifiers winners. The Main Event will also be divided into two parts: Group Stage and Playoffs.

In the Group Stage, the teams will play in two GSL-format groups. According to the Group Stage results, four teams will proceed into the Playoffs with a classic Double Elimination system

All tournament matches, including the Grand Finals, are played in the bo3 format.

There will also be matches between teams that haven’t progressed through groups. Group “A” third-placer will meet with Group “B” third-placer. The teams placed fourth will also meet in the same way.

Prize Pool

As we mentioned earlier, the main goal for the RMR tournaments is to get the rating points. With these points, teams will earn their place for the Major in Rio de Janeiro. Nevertheless, the prize pool will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place: $15,000 + 2000 RMR points;

  • 2nd place: $10,000 + 1875 points;

  • 3rd place: $6,000 + 1750 points;

  • 4th place: $5,000 + 1625 points;

  • 5th place: $4,500 + 1500 points;

  • 6th place: $3,500 + 1375 points;

  • 7th place: $3,000 + 1250 points;

  • 8th place: $3,000 + 1125 points;

  • 9th place: 1000 points;

  • 10th place: 875 points.


Eugene “Hitras” Shepelev

Lead Esports Manager at WePlay! Esports

For us, WePlay! Clutch Island is a special tournament, because it is a part of an official series from Valve. WePlay! Clutch Island is the first of many tournaments that we will be hosting soon.


Maksym Bilonogov

WePlay! Esports General Producer

WePlay! Clutch Island is the first CS:GO tournament of such a tier for our company. Of course, we would like to host an event of this magnitude offline. Nevertheless, even in the online environment we will follow the same standards and practices that were applied during our Dota Pro Circuit tournament earlier this year.


Survival will start very soon. 

Stay tuned for new announcements here, or follow WePlay! Esports on socials.

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