WePlay! Bukovel Minor Winter Workouts!

Dec 23 2019 4 min read

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Hey there! WePlay! Bukovel Minor is coming very soon, while snow is slowly covering the mountain slopes, which means it's time to unleash your snowboards and skis! And even if you decide not to go to the tournament yourself, all the exercises below, by the way, are useful just by doing them at home. We have adapted everything for you!

So, yeah, the eternal question: skis or snowboards? It doesn’t matter to us! Whether it's Anti-Mage on a ramp or Crystal Maiden freestyling — they both use almost the same muscles: back, abs, legs, of course, and, yes, arms. Let's get started!


Your legs are the cores for everything. So squats are a classic thing you can’t go skiing or boarding without. It doesn’t matter where you will squat and when. Let's start with three approaches twenty times each. Too easy? Increase the number of squats per approach or take extra weight.


It may seem that we won't need arms while skiing, but it's not true. Skiers and snowboarders keep their balance thanks to the “wingspan”, while the former still use sticks for some reason.

Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and feet together. Hold your head along the line of the spine, do not pull or lower it. Bend your elbows, lowering the torso. Move your arms to their original position. You need to breathe correctly too: go down taking a breath, go up exhaling. Repeat it 20-30 times. You can.

Abs and waist

This exercise will help strengthen the abdominal muscles and build the waist. Lie on your back, arms to the sides, raise your legs 30-45 cm above the floor and then slowly lower them. Start with two sets of 7-10 times. Try to bring your legs up to 20 per set.

Are you ready? The fun begins.

Wall standing

Do you think it's easy to stand against a wall? Give it a try. Stand close to the wall, bend your knees so that they form a right angle. Hold this position for a minute.

Barrier hops

You will need a low barrier, 25-30 cm in height (a stack of books is quite suitable, the main thing is not to pick something dangerous and traumatic). You need to stand strictly sideways to the barrier and jump over it with both legs. Repeat twice or thrice 10-15 times each.

Bench jumping

Don't try it with an ordinary chair — it's too unstable. A sofa or a bed are suitable if they are not very high. You need to jump on it from the spot, as it is more difficult. But that is the point. Two sets per 10 times. 

Forward and upward foot moves

We need to stretch the tendons and prepare the muscles. To do this, stand next to the chair and with one hand lean on the back, and stretch the other forward to balance. Perform a swing with the foot opposite the supporting arm so that it touches the fingers of the extended arm. Do five swings with each foot. And now increase the amplitude of the leg movement to the maximum possible limit and also do five swings. Repeat a series of exercises three times with each leg.


You can't get anywhere far without stamina. Curbing a small slope is not so difficult, but after a couple of descents you will want to continue to cut mountains — but the body will require a blanket and cocoa. Therefore, everything is simple: more running!

That's all! Remember: Feed the body, feed the mind!


  • Beach workouts!

Well, if you do not like snowy winters and prefer to wallow in the sun, we have something for you! Anti-Mage's Beach Workouts!


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