WePlay Autumn Series: $3,600 for semi-pro

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WePlay.TV does not stop at e-sports development among the semi-pro players and provides a good opportunity to earn playing your favorite game. It starts the second season of the autumn series of tournaments with a prize pool of $3,600.

WePlay.TV continues to delight all fans of eSports, and, thanks to the support and Inno3D NVIDIA - companies that have leading positions in the development and production of a variety of multimedia computer hardware solutions, we are pleased to announce the beginning of the second season of the autumn series of tournaments for the game Dota 2 under the general called WePlay Dota 2 Autumn Series.

Series will be held within 3 months and will be completed grand-final with a total prize fund of 445 000 WP * + $ 4,800 (including $ 1,200 of cosmetic things Dota 2).

WePlay Points (WP)

Prize Pool WePlay Dota 2 Autumn (the entire amount paid to the winner in $)

  • 1v1 Solo Mid: $ 400
  • 3v3 Random Draft: $ 1,200
  • 5v5 Captains Mode: $ 2,000

In addition, the top 4 weekly selections will receive additional prizes (details available below).

How to participate?

To play on WePlay Dota 2 Autumn, you need to select a suitable event format you WePlay.Tv on the site and register a team. For more information about registration, you can find in the tab "Rules" selected the tournament you.

If you decide to take part in one of the championships, you can find a detailed schedule of all tournaments WePlay Dota 2 Autumn in all formats. The document also details given prizes for all tournaments.

Registration on the first weekly tournaments now open:




Rules of.

1. Game Format

Season WePlay Dota 2 Autumn is available in 3 different formats:

Allowed to participate in all the single player tournament formats simultaneously.

The important point Weplay Autumn Series:

The right to choose the first character or the direction in 1v1 (Dire / Radiant) is played with the help of a coin (the command "/ flip" in the pre-match lobby). Similarly, played the right to make First Pick or choose a side (Dire / Radiant) in modes of 3v3 and 5v5.

2. Qualifications Format

Season WePlay Dota 2 Autumn in each format is divided into a series of qualifying tournaments:

  • 2.1 Weekly battle.

Participants: Any registered team.

Within each of the three formats (1v1, 3v3, 5v5) weekly tournaments held at 18 (Single Elimination).

Prize fund: 243 000 WP, $ 1200 (from DOTA2 items).

  • 2.2 Monthly battle.

Participants: Any registered team.

Within each of the three formats (1v1, 3v3, 5v5) held 6 monthly tournaments in the Single Elimination format.

Prize fund: 202 500 WP, as well as 36 slots in the season finale.

  • 2.3 The season finale.

Within each of the three formats performed the final tournament in the group stage format, with access to the playoffs.

Prize pool: $ 3,600 USD.

Choose a user-friendly format for the game itself and fight for real prizes from inno3D and NVIDIA.

WePlay Dota 2 Autumn Series: everyone can win!

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